Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas music

December 18, 2016

12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas music

happy monday! this is a short week for all of you i hope as you travel to be with your families for CHRISTMAS!!  kendra and i hope that you will link up with us today to share your favorite Christmas music.
to catch you up, here are the remaining prompts,

Seventh Day -  Dec 19. Your favorite Christmas music 

Eighth Day -  Dec 20Your favorite Christmas recipe(dessert, cookie, meal, etc)

Ninth Day -  Dec 21. What are you most grateful for this Christmas season 

Tenth Day -  Dec 22. Your favorite Christmas memory with pictures of Christmas past

Eleventh Day -  Dec 23. Your favorite Christmas crafts

Twelfth Day -  Dec 24. What are you excited about in the New year.
but today is about music!  i wanted to share a video that my Church put out about sharing Christmas music this time of year.

you have probably heard of the mormon tabernacle choir because they are fabulous, so included their Christmas album.  
but i also had to include my fun Christmas playlist with my celine dion, my kelly clarkson, and my michael buble! 
now!! if you saw my snaps over the weekend then you saw that i went to a Christmas market where i saw THE CUTEST little Christmas villages! 

the mickey mouse village killed me. 

when taran and i have a house, we are going to have a Christmas village big enough to fill an entire room! 

i mean, how cute are they?  right?  my mom has this AMAZING little Christmas village that she would put up every year.  but now that there are babies around at Christmastime, she doesn't put it up, because my sweethearts would destroy it.  which is sad because it is so pretty and my mom loves it and takes such a pride in her village! 

they even had a halloween village! can you believe it?

now please! share with us your favorite Christmas music or whatever other Christmas shennanigans you have gotten into recently!
Lot 48


  1. My mama always puts up her sweet Christmas village too! I love seeing how different families and businesses do there's.

  2. I love that Christmas village, my mom is actually one of those people that does the Halloween village! It's really cool. I love your playlist. I am not opposed to any Christmas music so I started following your playlist so I could listen to it today!

  3. I love your spotify playlists! Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson and....Hanson are my favorite Christmas albums to listen to. I can't wait to join the link-up this week!

  4. Came scrolled through the photos liked them now I leave

  5. There used to be a store at Downtown Disney that was nothing but Christmas Villages. I LOVED IT. I miss that store so much!


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