Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas movies

December 17, 2016

12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas movies

i am SO EXCITED about today's prompt! and since it is the weekend, and technically the last weekend before Christmas (what??) what better way to spend your last saturday before the big day than to make Christmas cookies and watch a bunch of fun Christmas movies!  i can't wait to share my favorites and hear yours! 

you can find the full list of the 12 days of blogging prompts here.  

this is my favorite one.  its about a girl who is an assistant to a party planner.  she gets all dressed up to go out with the girls one night and in the elevator with a handsome stranger, the elevator plummets.  the guy holds onto her and they share a romantic kiss.  the guy ends up being her boss' boyfriend and he doesn't recognze her because she was dressed as the sugar plum fairy.  them falling in love throughout the movie makes me swoon and the movie is so sweet and Christmas-y.  i love it.  it is one of my very favorites. 

lets just ignore the fact the the lead in this Christmas movie was a lead assassin the final season of alias because it weirds me out.  she is so sweet in this movie it creeps me out. in the movie, she is a spoiled rich kid who is walking one day doing her holiday shopping and a dear santa envelope hits her in the face.  it has a return address and she decides to return the letter to the sender.  she find the family and sees that the family is a single dad and a little girl.  the single dad is a do gooder and has his own soup kitchen and is has one of those snow plow companies.  alias lady and single dad fall in love despite him dating his college sweetheart and that he is a widower.  what the girl asked for in her letter to santa was a new mommy.  awww ain't that sweet.

what's a girl to do when her family expects her to bring her fiance to thanskgiving? and your fiance is a douche and breaks up with you because "work is too stressful?" you hire an actor to be your fiance, of course and bring him to thanksgiving.  much easier than telling the truth when your family is so damn jugemental!  love ensues.  of course. but who does she want? her first fiance or her fake fiance?

your whole world falls apart and you just need to get away for the holidays. brilliant idea! how about you house swap!  nothing like getting over a breakup to go to the opposite end of the world and falling in love with someone else.  how delicious.  i just love this movie.

again, what's a girl to do when your judgemental family is expecting you to bring your boyfriend home for the holidays?  you lose it, kidnap the first handsome guy you see at your waitressing job, and take him to your family cabin.  it is so, so funny and out of all the cheesy and funny hallmark, abc family, disney holiday movies out there, this one is my very favorite.  i own it because i just had to.  i just love love it.

our leading lady is your typical 20 something smart and beautiful starlet. hung up on her ex and wary of love. her step mother fixes her up with a man on Christmas Eve to go on a date with.  our leading lady hits her head and ends up reliving the name 12 times, because you know, that happens.  each time she learns something new about the guy and about herself.  its a Christmas miracle!  wow why am i sound so sarcastic when i really do find all these movies so cute and jolly.  i love all these movies.

now share share share all your favorite Christmas movies! i love watching new ones! i wish i had a hallmark subscription! and an free form aka abc family subscription so i could alll the movies.

can't wait to hear your recommendations! linkup below!

Lot 48


  1. I love Christmas movies, just saying, haven't heard of most of these ones though

  2. I think all of these are on Netflix! I watch A Christmas Kiss last year, (because I loved Roswell, and Brendan Fehr was in Roswell), and actually really enjoyed it. Lol.


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