Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas tradition

December 15, 2016

12 days of blogging: favorite Christmas tradition

welcome to another day of 12 days of blogging! you can see all the prompts here.  kendra and i are having so much fun with this and hope you are too!  don't feel pressure to join in for all of it!  just leave a comment with the answer to the prompt if you want or write all the prompts today's prompt is your favorite Christmas tradition.  

i am really excited to read all your responses because i think this is a really fun prompt! and i am excited to answer this one!

each Christmas eve, all my favorite traditions happen.  first we have honey baked ham with stinkey cheese potatoes (not my favorite as you know i hate cheese) and green beans and Christmas jello (jello that is 3 layers and is white, green and red) and home made rolls.  then we all sing around the piano while my sister jessica plays.  then we go into the family room and my dad reads the story of Christmas from the Bible.  then i make everyone hot chocolate and we eat Christmas cookies.

and then....

we open one present.  one "present." we always know what it is.  its matching pajamas.  and its so fun.  for a long time my mom pretended like she we could just pick or she would place them strategically under the tree, but then the charade fell and she would go into her bedroom and bring them out and we would try them on. and then we would have to do a photoshoot in them, of course. obviously.  we would get really into it and pretend that we were models because thats what sisters do.  oh and in case you're curious, no i don't have any brothers. except i do.  his name is jon and he is a foreign exchange student we had when we were all moved out and my parents were empty nesters.  he lived with my parents five years ago and he is coming home for Christmas this year!  we've "adopted" him.  he is in college in texas so he is coming home this year and we can't WAIT!

i love our pj tradition.  i still have a lot of the pjs that i got at Christmas.  jess isn't wearing pjs in the picture above because she was very pregnant at the time.  isn't she beautiful?  its so funny, with four girls in my family, at least one daughter is pregnant at all times.  in september when we had family vacay at the beach, i told taran someone was going to announce their pregnancy on vacation.  and sure enough, jessica did!  nobody had been pregnant for a year and a half, which was like, the longest we collectively had gone without any babies in any bellies in like 6 years.  then six weeks later andrea announced she was pregnant.  because the normal thing in our family is for at least two of us to be pregnant at the same time.  so i get a little baby nephew or niece in april and a nephew in may! then there will be 10 grandchildren! 
we also are taking new family pictures this Christmas which i think is a bit pointless because a few months later there will be two more babies and i think we should wait until summer family vacation when the babies are here.  
but anyway! share you fun family traditions with kendra and i and happy thursday! muah! 

Lot 48


  1. We used to do the pj tradition every year but we don't anymore. I miss it.

  2. I love the PJ tradition. I've seen others do this as well and always loved it. I may be snagging this tradition form you. I really want a onsie, they just look so comfy!

  3. Christmas pajamas are truly one of the best Christmas traditions!


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