Lot 48: the most inspiring movies

November 16, 2016

the most inspiring movies

i know i talk about tv, but i of course love movies as well. when life is going not how i want it to, if i'm frustrated, if i am just plain sad, i watch these movies to make me feel better. these are my top inspiring movies that make me feel like i can move mountains and do anything.  

42.  i love this movie for so many reasons.  it amazes me how jackie robinson refuses to be violent in any of the terrible situations he is put in.  when people call him names, when people physically and verbally abuse him, he doesn't engage.  i wouldn't be able to do that.  the scene where he is on the field and that guy is calling him every single offensive and hurtful thing in the book, i love how that scene is done.  jackie wants to retaliate so badly, he is so close to losing it, but he keeps it together.  i was crying during that part.   i wanted to punch the living day out of that guy, but jackie goes into that corner and breaks his bat in two instead.  that is self control.  there is so much hatred in this film.  so many opportunities for those being persecuted to get down to the other people's level.  it would be so easy.  but they don't.  it's truly incredible and so inspiring. it reminds me that i have control over how i react in situations. its my choice to be an animal like the rest of them or to rise above.  i've never seen such an inspiring example of Christlike action of turning the other cheek.  this movie is truly incredible.

this is one of my favorite movies.  who isn't a fan of an underdog movie? i love that this movie takes place during the great depression.  they are so poor,  they were out of options of employment like so many other during that terrible time.  but james braddock (russell crowe) literally fought for his family to stay together.  his kids were about to get separated because they were so poor they couldn't feed everyone, so his wife, mae (renee zellweger) wanted to send half the kids to her sisters where they would be fed and would be warm.  but james "jimmy" wouldn't have that.  he was a proud man who didn't want to ever ask for a handout or take any money he didn't earn, but when it got to that point, he begged and pleaded at the boxing club to get some money so his family could stay together.  and then he got to work.  he was an average boxer and pleaded with a coach to train him so he could provide for his family that way.  my favorite line of the movie is when the two main characters are actually in the scene that is in the picture and mae says "every time you get hit, i get hit too."  i can't imagine how difficult it would be to watch your husband get beat up for a living.  but this was the only way that james could provide for his family, so he threw his whole self into training.  classic underdog movie.  who doesn't love those?

 i think we all want to be taken seriously, to be challenged at work, to be the best at something.  the thing i love about this movie is how nobody believes in her.  she believes in herself and that's enough. you hear me?  that's always enough.  years ago, i was scrolling through facebook and i saw a status of an acquaintance that said "the only good thing about morning glory is 50 cent."  and i was like "what?!?! seriously?!?!?"  it can be cheezy and painful at times when she gets really passionate and people ask her if she is about to burst into song.  that's awkward.  but its a story of how the only person that needs to believe in you is you. 

i truly, really can't imagine having a dream so big and so grand that you work your entire life for it and it all comes down to a few hours.  a few hours of your life and you either get what you have poured your whole soul into, or you lose it and have to walk away a defeated man.  or woman.  there is that saying "if your dreams don't scare you, you aren't dreaming big enough."  i can't imagine the work that goes into winning wimbledon.  it makes me tired just thinking about it.  and i also can't imagine the psyche of an athlete.  you can't let anything psych you out.  you can't listen to anyone.  you have to tune everything out.  the only time i have had to do this was when i was a dispatcher and i had to listen so carefully i had to tune everyone out.  tune my trainer out who was telling me i was messing up and was screaming at me, i had to tune everyone out.  i love movies where you see a character you believe in and root for get what they work for.  this movie inspires me because the goal, the dream of winning wimbledon is a dream that is scary as hell.  and it reminds me that i am allowed to dream that big too.  my dream of being a tv writer scares the *&?! out of me.  so the dream is big enough right?  and maybe it will even come true. 

is anyone tired of me talking about this movie??  by now you know that this is my very, very, very favorite movie of all time.  period the end.  i have talked about this movie until i have been blue in the face ("i blue myself."  name that show).  this movie is so close to my heart it is difficult to talk about.  i think i love it so much because both characters are me.  i can relate to them so well.  one is a loose cannon, angry and private.  the other is responsible, a good man, has a family, is a high school physics teacher.  he is stable, he is protective of others.  each and every scene in this movie hits me with a ton of bricks.  i watch this every time i feel like i have reached my limit on something and i need someone to punch me in the face and give me strength to carry on.  that's when i watch this movie.  and it works every time.

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  1. I LOVE Cinderella Man so much. It's one of my favorite movies ever.


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