Lot 48: songs that define my life

November 8, 2016

songs that define my life


linking up with alyssa again for the non-challenge blogging challenge.  i just love blogging challenges, i really do.  anytime i find a good prompt, i just want to say THANK YOU to whoever came up with it so i didn't have to so THANK YOU alyssa.   

this prompt is "3 (or however many you choose) songs that define your life and why."

fight song by rachel platten. i am pretty sure that this song is defines everybody's life.  it makes you want to just want to go out there and grab life by the horns, doesn't it?  like you can do anything!  i loved watching her at last year's macy's thankgiving day parade.  i am trying desperately to find a good spot to watch the parade when we are in NYC for thanksgiving this year and i am coming up short!  i want a nice warm restaurant to watch in, and i found one and tried to get a reservation but they were full!  what to do?

stip me by natasha bedingfield.  oh how i love this song.  "i'm only one voice in a million, but you ain't taking that from me." i dare you to to tell me i don't have a voice or that i won't make an impact or that i can't do something.  being told that only makes me want to work harder to prove you wrong.

everybody wants to rule the world by lorde. oh how i love this song.  because i want to rule the world.  i really do!  i am POWER. HUNGRY.  it scares me sometimes.  and the strong drums in this song make me imagine myself in a gorgeous queen dress wearing a crown during my corination.  (ps. have you seen the crown on netflix yet?  i have barely started.  i am a sucker for anything royalty related.)

love myself by hailee steinfeld.  i know this song is really about physically loving yourself if you know what i mean, but i try to forget about that because talking about that makes me uncomfortable.  but!  i really love this song how it reminds me that no matter if somebody doesn't love me, i love me.   i don't need someone to love, i want it, but i have enough love for myself to sustain myself.

what songs define your life?  i love this prompt alyssa! 


  1. All good picks! Fight Song is one of the most feel-good anthem-like songs I've ever heard.


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