Lot 48: NYC day 2

November 30, 2016

NYC day 2

if you missed day 1 here it is.  apologies for crappy pictures and too many pictures. but i don't care!! 

the next morning we debated going to the parade.  but we would have had to get up at 6 am and stand in the cold for 5 hours.  and i wasn't going to do that.  that's insanity. so we slept through it.  and then i woke up at 930 and tried to watch it on the tv but we didn't have such luxury as nbc on the tv.  so we didn't see it at all.  how stupid is that?  i was disappointed. 

the first thing we did was go to central park.  we were staying on the upper west side and the park was a few blocks from our apartment.  taran loved the park and especially loved the squirrels.  he said they were "elegant" squirrels because of where they lived.  elegant because they lived in central park and were fancy squirrels.  okay. 

we decided to rent bikes and ride around central park that way. i'm so glad we did, it was a great way to see the park and cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time! taran was adamant that he get a hot dog in central park.  he had seen it on so many shows he had to get it!

and also... so funny... taran has watched gossip girl with me a few times when he wants to cuddle and i'm watching it so he might as well because he likes it secretly but he won't admit it.  that morning, he said "are we going to go to the park like in gossip girl?!? they were always in the park." hahaha it was so funny.  i explained that the characters lived on the upper east side not west where we were and he was really disappointed.  we didn't go to the east side until our last day. 

then we headed to lincoln square where i had made reservations for thanksgiving at bar baloud.  it was really, really good.  i had googled "best places to have thanksgiving in nyc" and compared by price and menu.  i didn't want duck, i wanted a darn turkey on thanksgiving and some of the options out there were weird.  i'm so glad we chose this place.  it was really, really good but i still missed my mom's cooking. 

this is the manhattan temple of our Church!  its really cool because there is no space in nyc, they built the temple on top of one of our chapels.  where else were they going to build it?  i'm so glad we got to see it.

some of the subway signs were so cool!  i loved how old they looked.

i always see a movie on thanksgiving, its a family tradition, and i thought "what is better than a movie on thanksgiving? the rockettes!"  buying tickets for thankgiving day was one of the very first 
things i did when i booked our trip to new york. i packed a really cute outfit and got so many compliments on it and a lot of stares of admiration on our way to radio city music hall.  pink tulle skirt for the win!  it was such a great show.  

i came to nyc when i was 11 with my parents, and i don't remember much about the trip.  we came in december, so one of the things i do remember so very vividly was seeing the rockettes.  i remember radio city music hall, i remember the show, i remember the kick line, the costumes, every detail.  when i walked in that night, it was exactly how i remembered.  nothing had changed.  and the show hadn't changed either.  15 years later and it was still the same.  it was magical.  except when we got there the line was a quarter mile long.  we were 20 minutes late because it took so long to get everybody in!! 

i like thanksgiving day because we didn't push ourselves or do a whole lot.  it was nice a chill, much unlike the rest of the trip, you will see.


  1. I can't believe y'all didn't go to the parade!! I kept watching for insta pics or stories of you there haha

  2. I can't believe the hotel didn't have NBC. That's so weird!

    Your skirt is totally cute!



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