Lot 48: NYC day 1

November 30, 2016

NYC day 1

wow. oh wow oh wow.  guys.  my new york city vacation was absolutely incredible.  beyond incredible.  i am at a loss of how to blog this vacation.  we did so so much i want it alll documented for myself.  i also don't want to bore you.  but i more than my desire not to bore you is my desire to have this trip document to its fullest extent.  so you can choose to read these posts or not, they are a comin'.  

 the problem we have other than bombarding you with a bunch of photos is trying to include the snaps i did that documented the trip.  i first made them into gifs but then there was no sound.  so then i made them into 10 second you tube videos.  so you have that to look forward to as well!  shaky, terrible videos that were originally snaps.

we arrive in NYC in the early afternoon the day before thanksgiving. we got on a bus and then the train and carried our luggage for 3 hours to get to our airbnb. i couldn't believe that i was finally in nyc.  i had seem so many movies, tv shows, blog posts, you name it on the city but couldn't imagine myself in it.  i couldn't imagine what it was actually like.  and there i was!! it was surreal. 

we met our host right near macy's where he worked to get our key.  they were setting up for the parade and i saw we walked out of the subway and i saw that believe sign and the large sidewalks and the crowds and it hit me like a ton of bricks "I AM HERE!!"

this was where we stayed!  it was really nice. 

then we had tickets to the late night with seth meyers.  i was so freaking excited that i managed to get tickets.  for those wondering, if you ever want to get into a taping of a show, go to 1iota and you can request tickets for all your favorite shows in la and nyc.  you don't always get them, so be sure to request them early.  request them early i did so we actually go into the taping!  it was SO COOL! 

this is the rink and such outside 30 rock! 

while we waited to get into the show, we hung out in the nbc store and i pretended to be christina aguilera or however you spell her freaking name. 

doin' the news.

had an obligatory nyc black and white cookie and it was SO GOOD

there was obviously no photography allowed in the taping, so sadly you don't get to see anything, but seth was such a pro.  you could just tell he knew what was going on and what he was doing.  and during a commercial break he came into the audience and said "does anyone have any questions for me?" and was really, really nice.  and he was hilarious.  i thought that the guest was going to be 50 cent and was disappointed we weren't there for the thankgiving taping because his family was the guests for that taping and i love his mom she is hilarious.  so as we were about to go in the pages announced "oh!  and for the first time in two years, we are taping the thanksgiving show the day before!  so the guests are his family!" i was so happy and they were absolutely hilarious.

here they are setting up the 30 rock tree which was lit on tv last night.  i was so disappointed that it wasn't lit when we were there!  how rude!! 

the first day was tiring as we got up at 230 am to catch our flight but we were so excited and happy to start our adventure.  i am going to do two posts today because i can. 


  1. I really need to go back and do New York right! I only spent one real day there and we saw a lot, but there's so much more! Your trip looks amazing!

  2. Oh wow what a trip I am so excited for you it does look like you had a great time


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