Lot 48: my top five

November 25, 2016

my top five

hello hello!  i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!  we are in NYC and if you haven't been following along on snapchat or instagram i can't tell you how it is going because this is a scheduled post!

katie at cup of tea reached out to me and told me that i was the featured blogger for this high five for friday! i'm so honored!  so be sure to check out the linkup on her blog, this one or this one! today!

i wanted to share the top five things i am most excited about seeing in new york.  there is so much on our agenda, i am positive we won't get to it all, but i am excited to see these the most! 

1. late night with seth meyers.  i really am so shocked that we got into his taping.  but we are SO EXCITED.  i think you will find me saying the phrase "so excited" hundreds of time in this post.  i wrote on verbal gold blog about what it is like to attend a multi-camera comedy taping, but i am sure this will be much different as its a talk show.  the guests we will see are 50 cent (!!!!) and katy tur.  snooze on the katy, news anchor? and musical guest k. flay, who is pretty good she reminds me of lorde or halsey.

2. NBC studio tour.  will kenneth parcel be giving this tour?  not sure.  i hope he is!! hahaha.  this was one of the first things i booked.  i can't wait to see behind the scenes of the studio.  will i get to see the SNL set?

3. the rockettets.  we are seeing them on thanksgiving day and it will be such a fun way to kick off the (official) Christmas season!  it will be incredible.  i remember going as an 11 year old and thinking how magical it was.  i can't wait to experience that again, and this time, with taran.

4. shops on 5th avenue.  i really hope the Christmas window displays are up!  that might sound like a dumb question but the rockefeller tree won't be lit until november 30!!!! i won't be there to see it lit! ugh!!

5. the high line.  i have seen so, so many pictures of the high line and can't wait to go there.  i am sure it will be nothing like i imagined.

most of all, i can't wait to experience new york.  i have read and watched so many things on new york the past decade, and i can never imagine it because i don't really remember going there when i was 11.  i see all these pictures of the city and all i want to do is insert myself into that photo.  i can't wait to do that.

hope you all are having a great week! 

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  1. Sounds like you have some great plans scheduled for your trip to NYC! I've only been a handful times and haven't really experienced it all. I hope you have fun!!! Congrats on being the featured blogger on H54F :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy


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