Lot 48: my hopes and dreams for the gilmore revival

November 17, 2016

my hopes and dreams for the gilmore revival

this is one of those situations where everyone is excited for this and is freaking out and i'm like "grrrrl, please."  i get really competitive when it comes to being the ultimate gilmore girls fan.  i truly believe i have seen those episodes more than any other human on earth.  gilmore girls is so near and dear to my heart because it got me through the hardest time of my life.  literally, the hardest time of my laugh, this show saved me.  so when you say that you love gilmore girls and you are the ultimate fan, allow me to roll my eyes and say "girl, please."  you aren't.  i am.  

i haven't watched the trailer because i don't want to.  i don't want to know anything about anything about the show.  i want it all to be new when i watch it.  i also don't want to jump in and watch it right when it pops up on netflix because i'm not ready for this reunion yet.  and i am really scared that social media will tell me everything about the show before i watch it because i will be in NYC when it airs thank you very much and won't watch it until a few weeks later. but i am fully prepared that everyone will spoil it for me. 

here are some things that i really hope will happen in the revival:

i hope that luke and lorelai are together.  i think this one is pretty obvious.  i have always been torn between lorelai being with luke or chris.  i think they got divorced waaaay too quickly and shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.  each guy gives lorelai things that she really needs.  but ultimately, i hope she is with luke because luke is the better guy for her.  and i hope in the revival they get married.  oh please for the LOVE OF ALL GILMORE GIRLS FANS GIVE US A FREAKING WEDDING!! i can only assume in this revival that luke will not be his stubborn self and will actually marry her and give her what she wants already.  

i hope that rory is married to logan with a kid.  i was really sad when she turned down logan's proposal, but it needed to happen.  rory is so smart and needed to live her journalistic dreams and use that brain of hers.  fly rory, fly!!  but since it has been nearly 10 years, i hope that she has reunited with logan and they are married, or not married, i don't really care, i just want them to have made a cute kid together.  

i hope that jess is a pulitzer prize winning author.  come on guys, we know this is like a real/fake possiblity.  he is so so so smart and in season 6 he was really getting his life together and had published a book!  i see that really taking off and him really succeeding in that and his book being just everywhere.  like a nationally famous author.  

i hope that lane's kids have their own band and lane and zack take turns touring.  the twins have to be 10 now right?  get some other kids together from the hollow, rock out hard core, and mama kim gives them rock n roll advice when she babysits them because we know that she secretly loves that kim is a rockstar.  and of course, lane and zack are touring with their own band and with other bands.  they've been all over the world.  livin' the rock n' roll life. {insert rock n' roll face emoji here}

also, betcha didn't know that lauren graham's memoir, talking as fast as i can, is coming out a few days after the revival airs?  betcha didn't know that!  can't wait for it.  so, so excited. she is such a talented writer and i loved her book someday, someday maybe and she just sold the series of the book!  betcha didn't know that! really guys.  i'm really competitive with this.  just stop trying now.  just stop.  i will always win.  say a phrase from any gilmore episode i can tell you what episode it is in, give you a general time stamp of when the phrase is said, tell you the title of the episode, and since i own all gilmore on DVD, i would also tell you what disc it is on and the episode number.  so please.  stop embarrassing yourself.

when i was on my WB studio tour in april, one of the producers drove by in his little golf cart and it took all i had not to chase after him and scream "can i write for you?!?! what is the revival going to be like?!?! can i be your assistant at least?!?!"  if you look at the post, you can see a lot of gilmore stuff on the lot as they were filming while i was there!  it was a true dream come true.


  1. I won't even claim to be the biggest fan - I just finished the series last night!! I hope all of these things for the reunion as well!

  2. I mean, I watched Gilmore Girls from the night the pilot aired. And week to week after that except when the VCR didn't record (because this was pre-DVR territory at my parent's house). Oh and when we did have DVR, the episode where Lorelai proposes to Luke ran about 30 seconds too long, so if you recorded it you missed the last 30 seconds of that episode!! I also know about the drama behind why season six crapped out and why season seven has an ever so slightly different tone. But alas, that is the beauty of GG. Everyone gets such a strong bond, it's impossible to just like the show. You are a fangirl completely. Also, I feel I am the only person to notice that April shouldn't exist because if you do the math, the Anna Nardini period was actually the Rachel period in Luke's life. But I hate that storyline so much that I wish season six didn't exist. I could never been Team Logan because I just hate that part of the series too much. So Team Jess for sure. But I probably won't watch it yet either.

  3. I am so jealous that you were on the WB lot as they were filming! I was there 5 years ago and was so excited to see everything, but I'm also a Pretty Little Liars and Hart of Dixie fan, so it was still fun to be there while those two were filming. Gilmore Girls though- that is the real deal! The only thing I will have to slight disagree with is Rory and Logan, I am totally team Jess. I just felt like Logan needed to grow up a little, but after 10 years maybe he has! I will also be away and not able to watch when it comes out, but as soon as I get home I am going to start. I feel like I will need to draw it out over a few days though.

  4. My daughter's name is Rory, so I guess you could say I'm a fan. :) I am so freaking excited for this revival. I'm on Team Jess though. I watched a short 30-second trailer, but none of the rest. I want to be surprised too.


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