Lot 48: london times

November 23, 2016

london times

GUESS WHAT!! in the wee hours of this morning, we will be heading on our way to NYC! we can't wait. i haven't been since i was 11 and have been wanting to go back ever since and taran has never been. we have a jam packed schedule and of course there is so much to do and see! 

 as i am about to explore a new city, i wanted to share memories from a city i have explored: london. you might remember i did my study abroad there my senior year of college and it was incredible. while in london, i blogged on an entirely different blog and i want to move some memories and photos onto this blog. so please enjoy photos from my neighborhood in hyde park and my pictures from the first few days of living there.

when i was fresh off the plane and so tired.

each time we had classes or went to church, we got to walk through this beautiful college called imperial college.  i loved looking in through the windows of the library and thinking we were one and the same.  i was studying in london! but when i say "studying" i mean playing 95% of the time  and never doing my homework.  

the night we got there, we went right to the parliament and the eye.  

this was our flat!! i miss it so much! 

we were literally a block away from hyde park, near kensington palace.  i remember my second day in london someone on a bike was going past me and nearly clipped me and said "sorry love!" i about died it was my first british phrase i heard! 

kensington palace!

this is my favorite portion of the park. its the serpentine pond.

have a happy thanksgiving everyone!  i won't be blogging this week or until i get home next week so follow along on snapchat and instagram!

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  1. I liked all these photos I would love to visit London one day and who knows maybe I will get there before I cark it.


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