Lot 48: I like me

November 18, 2016

I like me

  i really miss writing you are beautiful posts. it's been about a year and a half since i wrote my last one and i miss spreading positivity and self love, so i wanted to give you some inspiration and hope you leave feeling better about yourself.

i think we as humans focus too heavily what is wrong with ourselves instead of loving ourselves and focusing on what is good about us. focus on negative things about ourselves instead of the good.  i think i have done a good job of getting to a place where i see more good than bad in myself and i am really proud about that.  i wanted to write down things that i like about myself to focus on positivity today. i hope you will join me and tweet me with things you like about yourself or tweet me your posts if you feel so inclined to write a post about it! 

so here goes.

i like my laugh. 
i like that it a full belly laugh that people say can brighten a room. i like that i am not afraid to laugh or make a fool of myself. i used to take myself so seriously because i wanted others to take me seriously but i don't care about that anymore. laugh. make a fool of yourself. have fun. i like that i have gotten to that place.

i like how i  try to make people feel comfortable when they are around me.
meeting new people is so nerve wracking and it is so easy to second guess yourself and be self conscious. i try my best to be friendly and make the person feel welcome and comfortable to make that easier.

i like that i try really hard to be non-judgemental.
i wrote about this when i wrote about my thoughts on divorce but i really try not to judge anyone. i try to love all people no matter their sexual orientation, political affiliations or religious beliefs. it's none of business how you live your life and every single person deserves to be treated with respect and love.
i like that i try to be positive.
with my word for the year as "joy" i try to find joy in al things. ignore i am having. a bad day, i think to myself "how can i find joy in this?" it's a choice to be happy and happy i will be.

i like that i'm thoughtful.
i put myself in others shoes, i remember birthdays and anniversaries and am as empathetic as i can possibly be. i check in on people, i ask them how they are doing. i like that i am constantly thinking of others.



Hearing from you makes my day!!

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