Lot 48: desk tour

November 7, 2016

desk tour

hello hello!  i have shown you bits and pieces of my desk at work on snapchat and instagram, but didn't want to give a desk tour until i had all the final pieces in place.  ive been at my job for 4 months, and 3 of those months i was sitting in at a tiny little desk squished in between two other people.  where i was sitting wasn't meant to ever be a desk.  but they my position changed and they moved me and i got all this room!  i knew i had to do something cute with it. everything i got for my desk i got at target, and i will list where to find it for each piece.  having a desk that is so appealing and adorable makes going to work a lot better.

found here

i didn't really have an idea for the color scheme of my desk until i got to target and came across desk decorations that consisted mostly of gold pieces.  i love gold and i love pink, so i decided to put both together.  this is a simple pencil cup that really pulls the desk together and brightens everything up. 

i really don't remember where i got this pumpkin.  for the first two weeks i had this pumpkin that halloween themed but now its more Thanksgiving themed.  sorry i don't remember where i got it.
i really couldn't find these lights on target website.  but they were big white bulbs with pink tips at the end.  a lot of the bulbs are already out, but for the most part they look pretty and i love how they brighten up my wedding pictures.

found here

i got the chalkboard frame and then painted it gold.  i had my coworker who had really good handwriting write the "happy fall."  doesn't it look so good?   this is one of my favorite pieces.

found here

i love these gold bike bookends.  i gathered books from home and put them on my desk.  i love having books on the my desk and the book ends really tie it all together. 

i decided that i wanted to put my diploma on my desk.  when i was searching for a book to bring, i found my diploma and thought "hey, people with offices hang their diplomas in their offices.  why can't i keep it at my desk?  and i really love having it there.

found here

this was originially black but i painted it first with white shimmer and then pink.  there are still obvious spots that look black but it was hard to paint around the light holes.  i'm still happy with it. 

found here

i love this cute accent piece.  i wondered if the globe even had the right continents on it, but it does.  i love that i it is gold and pink.  a perfect accent piece.

the first wednesday of every month, its plant day at work.  you can go get a plant for your desk.  i killed the last one, so i got this one a few weeks ago.  i was in little shop of horrorsand a was a narrator role, so i call this plant audrey 3, because the first plant was audrey 2 but then it died...

found here

i absolutely love these twinkle lights.  they are battery operated and i just put them up with tape.  i love, love, love them.  they are one of my favorite parts.  makes everything so bright.

found here

it was when i found this mousepad that i decided to go with the gold and pink theme.  i love it.

found here on etsy

this was the final piece of the desk.  i got a white frame and painted it pink and then ordered the print with the shop listed above.  i really wanted gold foil printing and am so, so happy with the end result.  it is so cute, and i love the quote!

thanks for letting me give you a tour of my desk! it makes going to work that much better. 

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  1. You did such a great job. I love it all! The lights are so dreamy and I love chalkboards for writing fun messages. That globe is so beautiful!


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