Lot 48: and now we dance

November 14, 2016

and now we dance

this is the story of my first dance as husband and wife at my wedding.

i really did not expect that the hardest thing about planning a wedding was picking a song to dance to. i know right? who'd thunk? but for me, this was the hardest part. i wanted a song that was original, not overdone. no all of me by john legend or marry me by train. i wanted something new. and i also wanted something that would be a good beat to dance to, a nice swaying beat. and it had to obviously be really romantic. the stakes were high!

i stayed with my in laws the week before the wedding because we got married feb. 8 and so i had moved out of my apartment i shared with roommates and didn't want to spend a week in taran and i's new apartment alone so i stayed with him and his parents. one night, i made taran go into the living room with me and we danced to an entire playlist.

^^i am in love with this picture.  look at how my dress fans out!  i wish i could wear my wedding dress every day!^^

we i finally decided on 1234 by the plain white tees.  i didn't think a lot of people would dance to that song at their wedding and it was really romantic and had a good swaying beat to dance to. 

the plan was to dance to the full song with taran and then my dad would cut in and dance to a song i had picked for just he and i. and i don't remember the song!!

but my dad didn't get that.  he cut in a minute into 1234 and i tried to whisper to him "it isn't time! we have our own song to dance to!" but he didn't listen and just wanted to dance with me.  

so my dad and i danced to the song that was meant for taran and i and then my dad handed me back to taran when the song that i was supposed to dance with my dad to came on. 

oh well!  a very fond memory i have of when taran and i were dating was taran always asked me to dance every day we were together.  we came up with a playlist that we would put on shuffle and just dance in each other's arms for a little while.  this one time we lit candles and turned off the lights and danced for a really long time.  it was so romantic.  we haven't done that in a while so when i came across say you won't let go by james arthur on spotify, i decided it was the most romantic song i have ever heard.  so of course i had taran dance to it with me and we really need to have our dance parties more often.  they are so sweet.

this is our dancing playlist.  all romantic songs.  i love this playlist.

what song did you dance to at your wedding?


  1. I totally agree that picking songs is really difficult! We changed our first dance song choice several times before choosing one. I loved this post! Your dress is beautiful <3

  2. Yellow was on our playlist too! I love these pictures.


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