Lot 48: when a tv writer likes your tweet

October 25, 2016

when a tv writer likes your tweet

ya'll know that i follow comedy writers to a level that borders on stalker.  i know their names, their bios, everything. i follow them on all forms of social media too.  (ps.  i know i owe you guys the last installment of what fall tv to watch - what shows to skip because i am sure you care but i'm having trouble writing it because i'm trying to give all those shows a fair chance!) so the other day i was browsing through twitter when i came across the below tweet from joe mande.  joe wrote for parks and recreation, the kroll show and the good place and acted in brooklyn 99 and modern family.  see?  he's this guy.  the guy at pritchett's closet's who claire has make the kids sandwiches and stuff so she doesn't feel like a bad mother.

so when i saw the below tweet i did what any normal person would do.  i asked what he wanted to be asked.  i tweeted back and said "you should write jokes for the al smith dinner" but spelled "dinner" wrong which given that he liked the tweet made it oh so humiliating.

but guys!  joe made liked my tweet! i'm basically on my way to being a successful comedy writer now.  there's nothing stopping me now.  i squealed and nearly fell over when i saw it.  i screamed to taran "JOE MANDE LIKED MY TWEET!!" and taran knows in these situations to just say "that's great sweetheart!" because he really doesn't care who comedy writers are, he has given up on keeping up on how many i follow and the only comedy writer he cares about is yours truly.  just like i don't care about any other inventions besides ones invented by my husband.  or any bit of science that isn't explained to me by my husband.  we both know who is the saint in this relationship.  taran patiently usually patiently waits while i rewind, pause and then look up the writer each time we watch a sitcom if i don't already know who it is.  it really, really annoying for him.  like i said, saint.  and i'm not talking about kim kardashian's youngest child.  

the moral of the story is that a comedy writer who i admire liked my tweet.  and that is all the end. 

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  1. It's so exciting!!!

    One time, long ago, Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet on the ONLY version of Pride & Prejudice I care about!!!) started FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. I just about died. I mean, it didn't last very long. She unfollowed me soon after and I know she was just trying to make my day, but she totally DID make my day!


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