Lot 48: what i hope people receive from me

October 27, 2016

what i hope people receive from me

thank you alyssa for a blogger challenge becuase i have been looking for one for a while.

what i hope people receive from me.... well that sure ain't sickness.

i really do try my best to make people feel comfortable and happy and loved when they are around me.  never does a day go by that i don't ask myself "how have i helped someone today?" like this instagram.

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i really do try to improve someone's day.  because we all need an angel.  and what better way to get an angel in your life than to be one for someone else?

i found this quote a long time ago and think of it often.  kindness is something you can never overdo.  its something that you can never run out of.  the world needs more kindness.  it needs more love.  even when i'm in a bad mood, i try to stop and pause and hold an elevator or smile at someone.  even if i am really in a bad mood i do try to stop and be kind.  working where i work i want to be kind to everyone, i am an example of my organization.  but not only that, i want to be a kind person.  

so what i hope people receive from me?  


bing bang boom.



  1. You're welcome! ;)

    It's such a great thing to be so committed to wanting to help people have good days and be a bright spot in someone's day. Kindness is something we should all always strive for.

    Thanks for joining the challenge!

  2. You're SUCH a kind person and I'm so happy to call you a friend!

  3. Absolutely! Kindness changes lives. It's amazing how many people don't understand how easy it is and how good it is to be kind.

  4. A little bit of kindness really does go a long way!


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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