Lot 48: pictures that illustrate my year so far

October 6, 2016

pictures that illustrate my year so far

i got this post idea from the lovely bailey jean for her blogtember challenge.  but i thought it was a great idea so i jumped onboard, like i do with nearly all my posts.  

the first image that came to mind are these two.  the first print is the word i chose for the year 2016.  but proving the theory that you can't plan everything in life, i change it to hope well into the year.  but no i would say my word is joy again.  i needed to be reminded of both of these images this year, so let's say that i had both as my words this year.  yeah? 

this picture i posted on instagram while on vacation in california last month.  it has taken me a long time to love my body.  love it for all its flaws and accept that i will never look like alessandra ambrosio or any other model.  i know that everybody struggles with this.  last year i partnered with emelia and we did a "you are beatuiful" blog series to promote healthy self esteem and body image.  but it wasn't during that time that i started to love my body for what it is.  it happened recently, when i realized how much of a waste of time and energy it is obsessing over weight and how big my thighs are and how flat my stomach is.  i am happy to say that i genuinely don't care if my stomach isn't flat or if i don't have beyonce thighs.  i eat well because i genuinely want to.  i exercise very often because i want to.  i just feel better when i am eating healthy and exercising.  i just feel stronger, and all around better than if i don't.  and that's the only thing i care about: if i feel healthy, i'm good.  i love this trick joanna posted a while back about looking in the mirror each morning and saying to yourself "i love you."   its such a small thing that can make the biggest difference.  i am so incredibly hard on myself.  i can't tell you how free i feel now that i have gotten to this point.

speaking of california, another picture that emulates my year is the one above; from when i was at disneyland with my family.  my sister took this picture and i am in love with it.  my two nephews are staring at the genie from aladdin and i just love the look of awe and wonder on their faces.  we originally weren't going to go to newport for family vacation, but when my mom told me that we were taking the kids to disneyland, i changed my mind because there was no way i was missing that.  i wanted to experience the magic and wonder through their eyes.  throughout the day i kept telling taran how priceless this experience was.  i can't put a price on watching my nieces and nephews dance in the middle of the tiki room as the music played.  i can't put a price on watching my sweet little capri clap and point during the parade as she watched all the pretty princesses go by.

you know that really stupid saying that change is the only constant in the world?  it's a stupid phrase because i hate change but it's true.  there have been so many changes this year.  and i'm glad i am taking inventory halfway through the year to see how much i have accomplished and grown.  i know what God has planned for me is far better than what i have planned for me.  that's always the case.  but it hurts and it sucks and its a bitter pill to swallow.  but i know if i stick with it, it gets better and i see what God has been trying to show me all along.  

what are pictures that emulate your year thus far?  i'm using the linkup button even though its october.  awkward.


  1. Love this post, Lauren. I cried reading that last paragraph. It's so true and hard to remember sometimes. <3

  2. I love your pictures! I'm glad you're having a great year!


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