Lot 48: my best Halloweens

October 31, 2016

my best Halloweens

happy halloween everyone!!

did ya'll see my snapchats from the weekend? we went to a halloween carnival with my nieces and nephews and it was so much fun. we go every year. there always do canoes in the big swimming pool at the carnival and hang netting to make it look like a swamp and i was so terrified that i would fall out!

i was thinking g about when my best halloween was. i've had some good ones in my time. two years ago i wrote about my best halloween memory so i am not going to repeat myself, but instead share some other great halloweens.

this halloween above is when i was serena vanderwoodsen in my sophomore year of college. that was really fun mostly because i loved my dress. it was some dress i found in my other closet buried in the back at my parents house. it was a dress i wore when i was a lot younger so i barely fit into it. but oh how i loved that dress.

this one was hilarious. this was when k was a junior in college and my roommate in the picture was a dance teacher at a high school. she got those tips from the school costume closet and we said we were... synchronized figure skaters or something? we didn't really come up with what we were, we just wanted to wear those tops. 

we went to a big dance in a barn and were acting like total idiots running around the place and acting absolutely crazy. i think that was mg favorite halloween because we both had no inhibitions and were both mourning our separate breakups and i think that was one of the only times in getting over that terrible period in life that i really did not care what people thought and i wasn't trying to get any guy to notice me, i just completely let loose and danced the night away and that still to this day is one the funnest nights of my life.

what was your best halloween?  maybe it will be tonight! 

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