Lot 48: my letter to college freshman

October 12, 2016

my letter to college freshman

dear college student, 

welcome to college!! after all your hard work and managing the cliques of high school, you are finally here! i know you have been in college for a few months, and are probably on your fall break. 

but let me give you some advice for when you go back next week. college is one of the best times of your life. all the politics and cliques of high school, there are none at college. unless you're in a sorority. you are free to be who you are! you aren't the only one that feels awkward, homesick, or feel like you have no idea how to live on your own. this is the time for FUN!! to get groups of people together and go sledding in the winter! to have sunday night cram study sessions with your study group! the opportunity to make friends is everywhere. the world is your oyster. 

my freshman year was rough. i know what it is like to get to a new place and not know what you're doing or how to make friends. my freshman year i was at a college an hour away from home.  it was a lonely time as i hadn't had to make friends in a while.  but i would trade that experience for anything.   i learned so much about myself and learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone.

about the second semester of my freshman year i had a whole group of friends that j would go to parties with st 10 pm on a school night, had weekly sunday game nights. college forced me out into a comfort zone and i was rewarded handsomely.  i'm so glad for that experience. i transferred to the university of utah (#GOUTES!!!!) after my freshman year and then life just took off and it was such a fun and amazing college experience.

take classes you enjoy and find interesting.  learn.  grow.  have dance parties with your roommates.  go on a ton of dates.  go to mixers and parties.  meet people.  you have four years of sleeping until 10 if you have a late class and then taking a nap when you get home.  then the real world happens, and it is not nearly as fun as college.

don't let your insecurities get the best of you. my freshman year i was lonely and didn't know how to make friends. push yourself! break out of that comfort zone. i promise it will be worth t.

if you can swing it, i highly recommend doing a study abroad. living and traveling around europe while only having to go to a class a wee is one of the best deals you can get! the people you go on your study abroad with will be your friends forever. you will have an unbreakable bond with each of them. it's so special and magical. but there will be groups and cliques. when there are 30 college kids in a new place far from home, groups will form. it will just happen but that's okay! everyone is there for the same reason you are. don't be afraid to ask whoever to tag along to some fun activity.

college was one of my favorite times of life!  the homework stressed me out, but the social aspect was the BEST!  i had so much fun all 4 years.  ditch classes, have as fun as you study.

this is your time!! embrace it!  enjoy it!

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