Lot 48: halloween is coming!

October 7, 2016

halloween is coming!

i got inspired by this post by taza to start decorting hardcore for halloween! but things first.

1.tomorrow i am going to see maroon 5!!!! i can't WAIT! i got our tickets back in april and more than excited. they are my favorite and i can't wait to see them live. in Salt Lake City we have been getting better bands lately which is amazing. taylor swift has been here, mumford and sons, coldplay (i was so mad i didn't get to go to that! i didn't know it was happening until that day!! ugh!) but still, no beyonce. if beyoncé would come here my life would be made. MADE.

2. this is the cute stuff i was talking about that i saw in taza's post on decorating for halloween. i'm not a decorator or crafty at all. i wish i had the interior design eye but i don't. my sister and her husband remodeled two houses all by themselves and basically flipped these houses because they are so good at it. i am not and i wish i was. and i wish i had money to decorate my apartment for halloween and make it look like halloween just threw up all over my apartment. but! tomorrow i am going to this adorable "village" that has a bunch of cute boutique stores that are filled with halloween stuff. i go every year. it's adorable. i love this time of year!

3. what should taran and i be for halloween? because we are putting all liquid funds towards our trip to new york next month, i need suggestions that are near free. i have been wanting to be elsa from frozen for years, since it came out really, and have yet to be her. but i don't want to buy the costume. any suggestions?

4. the new one republic album came out today and it is SO GOOD!! this is the best friday ever!! they are the other band i HAVE to see in concert. i saw a clip of them on ellen and they are so good live. and ryan tedder is HOT. don't tell taran. oh wait he reads this. sorry babe! you're still the hottest of them all! 

5. i am so exhausted. and i feel guilty that i am exhausted because i had a day off after the hectic weekend and a lot of people on team didn't get a day off. but i'm sick and and i'm tired and i just want the weekend to be here! and i have to kick this cold so that i'm not sick for maroon 5! well all of this writing was ground breaking and exciting. serious stuff here. have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. What about Jake from State Farm and he wife? Of Sheldon Cooper and Amy? It would probably be pretty easy to put together (and free :)!). Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love your taste in music! You need Beyonce to come to Salt Lake City!! Her concerts are unreal :-) Have a good weekend!

  3. I want to see Maroon 5!! I bet they were amazing!


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