Lot 48: fall tv: what to watch, what to skip part iii

October 26, 2016

fall tv: what to watch, what to skip part iii

okay here we go.  i can procrastinate no longer. i've had a hard time making this list so here is my best shot at it.  because i am sure my opinion weighs heavily in your tv watching decisions.  so! welcome to the third and final installment of fall tv: what to watch, what to skip!  catch up on part i, new shows: what to watch, and part ii, shows already on the air that you need to watch.  and let me remind you shows are ordered in 3, 6, 13, and 21-25.  sometimes there is a 16 in there (like when the mysteries of laura was so wrongfully canceled at episode 16 of season 2!!) also, brush up on your knowledge of how a tv series becomes a tv series.

designated survivor.  i really wanted to like this show because maggie q is in it and nikita is one of my very favorite shows, honestly because it has a bad ass female lead, but i can't get behind it.  i think my problem with it is the main character.  for someone who is president, he isn't much of a baller.  i think that's the show's point, a hero not born to rise and all that, but in the first episode, they should have convinced us that he had something to bring to the table.  i know that he didn't sign up for it, but he should have some confidence.  if he doesn't buy it, we don't buy it.  maybe i should give it another try?  but oh, nope, i don't want to.

the verdict:  hmmmmm... i don't know.  i think..... this is tricky.  keifer sutherland carries heavy weight.  a season.  maybe.  probably longer.  yeah.  probably longer.  

notorious.  so here is the problem.  i put in a few of these in the "skip" category before i gave them a fair shot.  and then when i was writing this post and i figured i had to give each of these shows at least 7 minutes of my attention (10 for dramas, 5 for comedies) so i gave it another shot. aahh!  this show.  i originally put it in the "don't bother" column because it had so many cliches in the first few minutes of the pilot that i stopped watching and put it in this post without giving it even five minutes worth of my attention.  but then i did give it a fair shot and now i'm on the third episode and that dang show kind of won me over.  i could still do without it so putting it in this category is still justified!  i don't really get the dynamic between the news anchor (piper perabo) and jake gregorian the lawyer (daniel sunjata).  have they just been friends forever?  were they romantically involved? the storyline is very intriguing.  but what happens when this case is solved?  i guess there will just be another crazy client that he brings on her show.

the verdict:  i suspect it will run at least one season.  everyone loves a sexy murder scandal show like this.  but i could live without it.  meh.  

americian housewife. i'm sorry.  i can't.  i just can't.  i really couldn't even stomach the first 5 minutes.  you know when you go on a blind date and the guy picks you up and your stomach clenches and your heart sinks and you just know this is going to be one long night?  that was this show.  it was so bad.  it rubbed me in all the wrong ways.  what is with the narration?  and how is this not cookie cutter?  an overweight housewife in suburbia where everyone is "perfect" an she has a semi (what the PC way to say this? special?) daughter? and ew, potty humor in the first few minutes.  i hate potty humor.  and then feminine hygiene humor.  TMI. not my cup of tea. or soda. or any beverage.

the verdict:  cancel!  please, please please cancel!  and i think it will.  i give it 13 episodes at most.  any more than that i will picket in front of abc.

lethal weapon. yet another show that i wrote off too quickly.  when i saw the trailer, i really thought riggs was johnny depp.  doesn't the actor look like johnny depp??  maybe at first glance. so we've got a crazy ex navy seal with a death wish  (riggs) and a by the books cop who is recovering from... something? (murtaugh)  i fully enjoy riggs' character and his disregard for rules and his own life.   and the part in the pilot where he walks in with pizza to the hostage situation was really hilarious.  but! it's just another crime show.  meh. ps.  i LOVE  it that one of the househusbands from desperate housewives is the police captain.  that is a hidden gem i never thought i'd find.

the verdict:  13 episodes.  we all know this is another crime show.  the character of riggs might carry it.  i think it might do okay.  time will tell.  but i'm betting 13.

bull.  what.  even.  is.  this.  i feel like they are trying to redo lie to me but except this doesn't make sense.  bull is some clinical psychologist guy who can guess what a jury will do or won't do and help you win your case?  either that or the cheezy tagline "he'll get you off" was suggesting something else entirely.  i couldn't.  it was too stupid.  and i was so confused and so uninterested while watching.  seriously, what even is this show?? can someone please explain?

the verdict.  6 episodes.  please only 6 episodes. 

personal capital has a cool graphic on how much tv stars make. you can track your own net worth with their free networth calculator.   these numbers don't surprise me, especially the salaries of  the big bang theory because they have been doing the show for so long.  these are the salaries that the cast of friends got in season 10. 

i have fully enjoyed my review of this season's tv shows and hope you enjoyed reading them as much as i enjoyed writing them!


  1. The only one of these I've even attempted is Designated Survivor and I LOVE it. I love it BECAUSE he has no business being President and yet he does stand up to people that would be hard to stand up to.

  2. Yeah so many new shows and so many of them don't make the cut

  3. Thank goodness I read this post! I almost gave bull. a try and am SO happy I skipped it now! Headed over now to check out the shows you recommend since I need something to binge watch this weekend :)

  4. I'm still watching Designated Survivor, but I'm about to cut it. I keep zoning out and falling asleep. And when Scandal comes back, I won't even pretend to care anymore.

    I love Lethal Weapon!

  5. Lmfao! My mom loves that Bull show. Ugh! Awful.

  6. I really tried with American Housewife. But I started hating myself for watching it, so I stopped.


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