Lot 48: fall tv: what to watch, what to skip - part ii

October 18, 2016

fall tv: what to watch, what to skip - part ii

hello hello!  picking up where we left off on the last post where i said what new fall tv shows you need to watch (with the exception of a show coming in january) now i'm going to recommend shows that have been on the air for a while that you need to watch! because i have too many opinions.

shows that have been on the air that you need to watch

the only other show i remember being this excited and addicted to was when the blacklist came out. sadly, the second season of the blacklist lost my interest and i replaced my obsession with this show. the premise of this show is about a woman who has no memory of who she is and gets left in a duffel bag in times square covered head to toe in tattoos.   one of the tattoos has the name of an agent at the fbi, so naturally the fbi takes her in.  each of her tattoos is a clue to stopping a catastrophic event from happening.  she doesn't know who did this to her and all she knows is she has fighting skills, can speak other languages and was possibly a navy SEAL.  i love following the clues and the show has gone much, much deeper than just following the clues.  it is my favorite show currently on the air.

this gem premiered in january so it is on season 2 with season 1 consisting of only 13 episodes.  its created by a writer from the office, justin spitzer.  it. is. the. funniest. show. on. the. air.  and you know that i would not throw that title around lightly.  its about a walmart type store and its employees and its hilarious.  every episode i laugh so hard i nearly cry.  there have been no so-so episodes, nothing short of brilliance.  its one of the best comedies i've seen. 

greg daniels created the office for american tv.  michael schur wrote on the office.  greg daniels and michael schur created parks and recreation.  dan goor wrote for parks and recreation.  dan goor and michael schur created brooklyn 99.  you with me?  michael schur also created the new show i wrote about in part i of this series, the good place, which i am liking less and less.  brooklyn 99 is a comedy about a...... you guessed it!  a  brooklyn police precinct! i love that they took a cop show and made it funny.  that is such a fresh idea because there are sooo many cop dramas.   if you aren't watching, i don't know what you're doing with you're evenings. what i don't like is they take long breaks because andy samberg is always doing multiple projects at once so their schedule is weird.  they make us wait a long time for episodes! one of the funniest shows on the air. highly, highly recommend.

this show is fresh! its a series of four vignettes, one for each member of the family. its such a unique approach to a family comedy. the characters are fresh and it really is just really hilarious.  what else i love about it is the little kids really shine in this show. normally the child actors just there but not in this show.  they really have personality and one of the little girls is our favorite character. 

i have been watching this since my cousin recommended it to me in its first season when i finished watching sherlock.  this is another sherlock show and is nowhere near as good as the british version, but its on every week and it is still really good.  i have realized that i don't watch any other cop show besides this one, because elementary is so smart it really doesn't hold a candle to any of the other cop shows that the other ones bore me.  it has raised my standards.  thanks robert doherty!  all the past seasons are on hulu, thank goodness.  praise to the writers of this show, because the way they go about solving the crimes is really incredible by showing sherlock's brilliance.  and i love that watson is a woman.  

what is not to love about this show? tell me a list of your favorite rom coms and i bet aline brosh mckenna was behind them.  she and rachel bloom (the star) are the creators.  song numbers every single episode!  broadway stars on the tiny silver screen (including but not limited to santino fontana!  donna lynne chapman! Tovah Feldshuh!)  the premise of this show is a girl who moves across the country when she runs into her summer camp boyfriend one day on the streets new york and decides that what she needs to be happy is to be with him.  so she moves to his hometown even though that was their first interaction in 10 years. really, what is not to love about this show.  i'm so excited for the second season.   it has gotten the most rave reviews that i have seen since girls but now the cw has moved it to friday?  what?? that makes no sense at all.  but watch!

and the mindy project.  if you aren't watching that show by now, i don't know what to tell you. you must have been very busy.  i am seriously thinking of writing an entire blog post solely on why the mindy project is so original and brilliant, with a lot of excerpts from mindy's book.  in case you actually really honestly don't know the premise of the show, its simply about a doctor who lives in her own unrealistic world and yep, that's pretty much it.

has anyone picked up that i have strong feelings for television?  in case you missed it, here is my break down of how a tv show goes from an idea to the screen.  in extensive detail.  because it is slightly complicated and this is my favorite topic to talk about.

and kenneth because i have to because he says it best....

*update: part iii


  1. Have you watched the show Love on Netflix? I thought it was super awkward and weird, but it did have some really funny parts. Paul Rust's character is a tutor on a television set who aspires to be a writer. He tells one of the writer's an idea he has for the show and even though the writer hates him, he likes that 1 tiny idea and they have to buy his script. And hilarity ensues. I like your lists! I mostly watch HBO shows and Netflix shows. The only network TV show I've been watching is Designated Survivor because they advertised it enough to make me curious.

  2. I've attempted to watch almost all of these and didn't particularly enjoy any of them. Superstore is particularly surprising because it seems like a show that would be right up my alley. I just don't like it.

  3. I have heard of some of these shows have watched only one of them

  4. I just started watching Life in Pieces on the CBS app on our Apple TV and I am loving it. I was worried it wasn't picked up for a 2nd season since there's only season 1 on there so I am so happy to hear it's starting up again soon! I also love Brooklyn 99 and I saw that Superstore show and was wondering if it was just stupid or funny so glad to hear I need to check it out!

  5. I held off from watching The Good Place because the cover photo on Hulu annoyed me, and I remember you writing this post. But I was super sick this weekend and had nothing else to watch so I started it. After three episodes I made my husband start watching it with me. We rarely watch anything together anymore, but we finished the whole season in two nights. Hilarious and thought provoking, I am so glad they renewed for a second season.


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