Lot 48: fall ramblings

October 14, 2016

fall ramblings

i have a lot of thoughts.  sometimes too many.  some are random and some are serious.  i love the posts where i just write a bunch of thoughts and ideas into one post and just throw it all out there.  because we know that my ideas can't really be a full blog post.

i love watching ellen.  i don't have a tv that picks up anything at all so i only watch clips on youtube.  i was catching up the other day and going through the clips and came across her shiny hiney week!  shiny hiney is this ridiculous.......hygiene item.  i'm not going to spoil it, just watch the  video.  but its a really awkward hygiene item and the infomercial is hilarious.  so ellen brought on the actress from the infomercial on the show and it was hilarious.  she is so funny.  i love her.

i really wish i was able to decorate things.  that i had at least one style wise bone in my body.  a lot of bloggers do home reveals and show their perfect, beautiful homes and i'm like "ummm.... it's all bare here.  i have a nightstand i've had for 9 years, so does taran, and all i have for decoration is a collage wall that i did.  which is my greatest crafty/decorative accomplishment."  i want to get cute halloween and fall decorations like lindsay because everything on this post is adorable, but our apartment is really, really small and i don't have anywhere to put these things.  send help.  

i have a note for a blog post that says "what does a girl got to do to get paid campaigns?"  i apply for stuff but i never get it. and i don't know what to do.  what do i do.  i need help, guys.  

you wake up and it's 10 years later..... that would be a good  post in theory.  but i have no idea.  i would have at least 3 kids, i would be a tv writer in LA and oh look at that!  i do home some idea!  taran would have sold a lifesaving medical device he invented.  i'd be 36.  these are all possible things, people. see? that wasn't long enough to be a blog post. 

"escape your problems for only $9.25!" i was going to write a post about how we as a society escape to the movies when we want to ignore our problems.  but i think that's just me.  i take myself to movies alone all the time.  because i literally don't care if people think i am weird for being alone.  if i want to see a movie really badly and have the time to but no one else can come with me, i'm going!  independence!  that's how my mama raised me.  i love how kelly is in ireland by herself.  she just took herself on a vacation alone!  you go girl! 

was/is height a big factor in your dating life?  i would never date anyone that was shorter than me.  all guys i dated had to be at least 3 inches taller than me.  no exceptions!  taran is 6" (i never know if " is feet or if ' is feet.  i get them confused. 6'?)  and it is the perfect height.  i'm 5'6 or 5'7 if i want to pretend to be taller.  i border on 5'6/5'7 so the height difference is the perfect kissing situation.  my neck doesn't hurt, we meet in the middle, him being taller makes me feel safe and protected for some reason, its good stuff.  

are you first impressions about someone usually right  no.  yeah, that definitely couldn't have been a whole blog post. 

ramblings!  just all my thoughts in one place!  don't know if that was interesting or not.  

mic drop.  lauren out.

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  1. First, a lot of people go to movies alone. I LOVE going to movies alone. Sometimes I kind of prefer it because I can sit wherever I want, no one tries talking to me, and I don't have to share my popcorn. :-)

    Second, oh my gosh. That Shiny Hiney thing is HILARIOUS! And that girl is so adorable on Ellen!


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