Lot 48: allow me to reintroduce myself

October 28, 2016

allow me to reintroduce myself

i think it's been a while since i have really introduced myself or talked about myself. and i have gained a few more followers and we all like talking about ourselves, so here we go.

  • i live in salt lake city, utah and have for 7 years. 
  • i don't like sports
  • i have never had a sip of coffee or alcohol in my life
  •  i'm mormon
  • i don't like cheese (cue gasp) 
  • i have no boundaries and if i see a social boundary i almost always cross it
  • i love trashy magazines and celebrity gossip
  • i used to love  guns and target shooting until guns started to ruin this nation and take so many lives 
  • i like politics but refuse to talk about it on my blog or social media because then i am just playing with fire
  • if i could go to one place in the world i'd go to greece
  • i've totaled 3 cars i have 6 speeding tickets and a collision ticket, my license has been taken away once 
  • i believe all people should be treated with respect, love and kindness no matter what their beliefs or behavior
  • my first instinct and need in life is to protect others, resulting in me being a 9-1-1 dispatcher for a disastrous 2 months that i still don't want to talk about
  • i'm not an adventurous eater, like with squid or oysters or anything i can't pronounce or don't know what it is.
  • and my best friend is patrisha and she just moved up here and has been by my side for a decade and is my original other half before my husband taran came along.

i got married february 8, 2014.  i could say all the cheezy phrases about how i married my prince, the man of my dreams, he is my other half, my soulmate and i am the luckiest and i can't believe i got him, and that's all true.  so to spare you from vomiting, i'll stop, other than say taran is a biomedical engineer who is without a doubt the smartest man i know.  he is always studying, always learning, always inventing something.  his brain never stops and he ceases to amaze me.  you can read our love story, our proposal story, see our engagement photos, and read the many installments i wrote about our wedding day. the last link is a true real life feelings about what really happens on your wedding day.  no shame.  you freaked out on your wedding day and nearly called off the wedding?  it happens.  including to me.  

i grew up in a small town in the very, very southwest corner of utah, a town called saint george.  it is the desert down there, never snows and gets to be 120 in the summer, particularly in august.

the best way to beat the heat was to go to the lake.  my dad got a boat when i was 14 and it has been worn down and then some! 

every saturday in the summer you could find us at the lake, all day, tubing, skiing and cliff jumping.

growing up i was a professional performer but most of all, dancer.  it was my life and i danced on average 30 hours a week, depending on the season.  i often did 3 shows at once.  there is a nationally known outdoor theater (why someone decided it was a good idea to put a theater outside in the summer in saint george is beyond me) that i performed at three times.  twice doing their high school summer intensive (learning a show in six weeks, split cast so we had to learn two parts) and then doing "the big stage" aka the outdoor stage once, learning two full shows in eight weeks (le miserables and the sound of music.) 

some of the girls and i during le miserables.  i think that is a show every performer needs to do in their career.  

i did little women in high school where i was meg. that was one of my favorite shows. 

my major in college was mass communications, like video production and writing and things that make the onion make fun of our degree because it is so easy to get but let me tell you there is no shortage of jobs that come from this degree!  i have managed 20 social media accounts for an online university, handled all communications and media at a chamber of commerce, coded and updated websites, done graphic design, written articles for an online magazine, managed a company's intranet and wrote human interest stories for said company, managed social media for a mall, coded and sent and built and managed email marketing campaigns and now handle social media once again.  it might be an easy major, but it isn't always an easy job! 

 my senior year of college, i did a study abroad in london for six weeks studying theater.  it was one of the best times of my life.  it was  so much fun and essentially i just spent six weeks playing around london with people i'm still friends with to this day.  

during my sophomore year of college, i decided i wanted to be a tv comedy writer, so the fall after i got back from london, i moved to LA to be an intern at two production companies for a semester.  that was another of the best times of my life.  i still hope to be a comedy writer someday and still write.  it's a dream i haven't given up on but is definitely in the back seat, which is fine by me.

i originally went to a very small university that was only an hour away from home for my freshman year of college because i was a severe home body and was terrified to move out.  once i grew some legs, i transferred to the university of utah and finished college there. i LOVED college.  the homework, not so much, but it was one of the best times of my life, all 3 years of it (freshman year was not so good.)  i will always cherish my college memories. and hey!  i met taran at college!  

i have 3 older sisters and no brothers, unless you count our foreign exchange student from spain, jon, which we do.  he is coming home for christmas!  we can't wait to see him.  its been 5 years!  

all my sisters and i are married and there are 8 grandchildren between all of us with two on the way.  taran and i have no children.  one sister lives in palo alto with her husband doing a health care fellowship at stanford, one sister lives in gilbert, arizona while her husband gets some masters degree i don't understand at ASU, and another sister lives 20 minutes from me and her husband is a lawyer.  my parents still live in the house we grew up in in saint george but are trying to sell it and downsize.  my dad is a semi-retired otorhinolaryngologist (haahaha even when i was in elementary school kids would make me say that over and over again because it sounded so funny and they got the biggest kick out of it.  and i love using the "medical" term for the kind of doctor my dad is just to stump people.  i find it highly amusing.) aka ear, nose and throat doc.  he sold his practice shortly before i got married, so nearly 3 years ago and he doesn't do surgery anymore.  he only works 3 days a week and bought a plane in 2011 with 4 other people as well as got his pilot's license.  he and my mom spend weekends flying over the grand canyon just for fun or making impromptu trips to arizona or palo alto in the plane because they can.  my dad also is lead guitarist in a rock band he started when i was 10.  yeah.  my dad is cool.  i wrote all about it and how funny some of the things people say when they learn i'm a doctor's daughter.  my parents also have the most romantic love story as my mom was a nurse and my dad was in his internship when they met.   

i don't read books that much and i hate that about myself, and spend my free time watching tv because hello, its research, i'm a tv writer.  learn all about how a tv show gets made part i and part ii and also my recommendations for this season's new shows. get me talking about tv and i won't stop.  

now tell me about you!


  1. Very interesting life you have led! But, but ... you don't like cheese??? At least you didn't say you dislike chocolate :-)

  2. What a fun post. Your dad sounds so cool! I would also love to go to Greece, some day hopefully!

  3. I go on big kicks of reading all the time or watching tv all the time. I never do both. Right now, I'm on a tv kick.

  4. I love when bloggers reintroduce themselves! I find that after months of following bloggers I still don't know very common things about them. For example: where they live or how old they are. Love that you shared all this! I studied abroad in London as well :)

  5. I love Salt Lake City!
    And my husband and I got married January 11 2014.


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