Lot 48: which shows and movies make me sob

September 12, 2016

which shows and movies make me sob

im copying juliette and am sharing the shows and/or movies where i just cry hysterically.  some of these are old but classics.  **spoilers are in this post.  but really if you haven't seen these movies this many years later, i really don't know what to say.**

moulin rouge.  how can you not cry at this movie?! its so sad!  they love each other so much and he wants to give her everything in the world and get her out of her terrible life and then she dies?! its so sad!  this is the movie that taran cries at too.  then he holds me close and says "don't ever ever die!  please don't die!!"  its really adorable but really sad.  

a walk to remember.  i'm guessing you're seeing a theme here.  just any kind of love that is so deep and rich but the lovers are torn apart by death gets me.  but i think it gets everyone.  what i love about this is how different they are but they work.  this movie makes me sob harder than anything on here.  it takes me like, a week to recover.  

reign.  i love this tv show but once again, forbidden love.  love that is complicated and sad and things that keep getting in their way.  one thing i can't do is watch two characters who are meant to be together be torn apart.  reign has that allll over the place so i had to stop watching after season 1.  i couldn't emotionally handle it.  how lame am i??  but i do know what happens in the later seasons and mary how could you be so stupid i'm so mad at you.  wedges that drive two lovers apart or when one character is being really stupid, i just can't handle.  i think i cried most episodes in season 1. 

titanic.  you know on friends when chandler says to joey "you cry every time you watch titanic" and joey says "those two only had each other!" its true!! this is another one it takes me weeks to recover from.  man is it a long movie, and the last time i watched it was 6 years ago because i cried for so many days afterwards i thought i am never doing that again.  like i said, lovers who are torn apart gets me every time. 

the hunger games.  what is there even to say about this?? i know that you yourself can think of dozens of times you could cry throughout all 4 movies.  and when i read the books, i was a mess.  i get really connected to well written characters.  but i love that this is a movie i cry at that isn't about love.  its about freedom, empowerment, revolution.  like les miserables.  which also makes me cry.  and katniss is who every girl wants to be.  brave, bad a** and tough.  

how to be single.  it might seem strange that this movie which is a comedy makes me cry so hard.  but i saw this movie one of the lowest points of my life and it makes me sob every time i watch it.  okay, this is embarassing, i'm crying just thinking about it.  being independent without the need of a man's love and being on my own is something i struggled with for a long time.  in marriage, its easy to lose yourself in your couple life and its even easier to lose who you are.  you spend so much time being a wife, taking care of your husband, putting his needs before yours, that it is dangerously easy to lose sight of who you are.  and who you want to be.  taran and i have been together for 3 1/2 years, and it was about a year ago that i found myself again in our relationship.  being strong and being able to be on your own and live a happy life is a valuable trait that you should never ever lose.  this movie has such a powerful message, that you need to know who you are in order to be with someone.  you need to know how to love yourself.  real talk, and i don't really talk about this because its too painful, but the monday after i quit my 911 dispatcher job i woke up with no job and nowhere to go.  i had never been so lost.  i worked so hard to become a dispatcher and i had grand plans for myself in the career of law enforcement.  all my dreams, everything i thought i was, was shattered.  dispatch broke me in more ways than i ever expected.  so when i woke up, alone, lost and scared, i forced myself to get out of the house and i took myself to a movie.  i sobbed the entire way through this movie and just kept thinking yes!  yes!  this is exactly what i need to hear right now!! its now one of my favorite movies.  the message is so powerful that if you are lost or have trouble loving yourself like i was, this will definitely bring tears. 

what shows and movies make you cry?


  1. Oh my gosh, I just saw Sully over the weekend and I CRIED MY EYES OUT!

    The first movie I distinctly remember sobbing through was My Girl. That movie KILLED me. Others that I can't ever get through are Steel Magnolias and ET.

  2. Guess what the only one of these I have seen was Titanic and year I think I shed a tear of few

  3. Still mad that rose wouldn't share the door with Jack.


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