Lot 48: when disneyworld was delayed a day and a half

September 8, 2016

when disneyworld was delayed a day and a half

hello hello!  in case you missed it, i'm currently in california for family vacation this week!! we are staying and playing in newport beach and today we are going to disneyland! i am not the biggest fan of disneyland (there aren't enough scary roller coasters!) but i am not going to miss being there as my niecephews experience disneyland for the first time!! 

in honor of this disney filled day, i thought i would tell a story of when i was 7 and we were trying to go to disneyworld.  

we had a time share in orlando growing up, so we went to disneyworld a lot growing up.  there was one time in particular that really stands out.  the last time i went to disneyworld was for a business trip and i really didn't get to play hardly at all because i was working! but i can't wait to go back with taran again to get the full experience! 

anyway, we had a layover in the dallas airport and were flying on american airlines.  when we it was time to board the plane to orlando, we were notified that america airlines had overbooked the flight.  they were offering free airline miles to those who were willing to give up our seats.  my parents thought this was a great idea!  "we can rent a car and explore dallas for five hours until the next flight and go visit grandma and grandpa in michigan with the miles!" but i was 7, so i was not happy about it.  i wanted to get to disneyworld!  

i do remember loving exploring downtown dallas, that was fun.  when we got back to the airport, we were notified they had overbooked the flight again and were offering more air miles to those who gave up their seats.  this would mean we would have to stay the night.  cue lauren tantrum.  for a 7 year old, there was a lot getting in my way of getting to mickey and minnie and all the fun disneyworld had to offer me!  we gave up our seats and my dad went along to orlando so we didn't lose our car rental.  i remember very vividly watching the plane take off and thinking "i should be on that plane! mickeeeeyyyy!!" i guess part of the problem why there were no seats was there was the daytona 500 happening that week in orlando, so a lot of people were trying to get there.

in the middle of my tantrum, my sister sat me down and tried to explain to me what airline miles meant and that because we had so many of them now, we could go anywhere, not just to visit grandpa and grandma but maybe to europe!  i thought that was pretty cool, so i calmed down.  a little.

we were put up in a hotel in the airport and had to wake at the crack of dawn for our flight.  yet again, they had overbooked!! but we were not budging! we finally got to disneyworld two days late and went to planet hollywood that night, happy to finally be in orlando.  we talked about where we were going to go with all our miles! in the end, we decided on paris and london.  we went the following summer and so it was definitely worth it.  i was still pissed that i had missed out on a full day of disneyworld, though.  

but it was a good thing!  we never could have afforded to fly to europe all six of us, the airline miles made that happen.  but its hard for a 7 year old to understand that!  i still can't go to the dallas airport, i get really panicky i am going to be stuck there for days if i have a layover there.

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  1. I got stuck overnight in Dallas once too! I was flying to NYC with my friend Kelli and our flight got so delayed that we missed the last one out of DFW. No bonus miles for us. {sad face}

    But at least you got two amazing trips! That's so cool! Even though, yes, it's impossible to understand that at age 7.


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