Lot 48: the ABC game: husband edition

September 6, 2016

the ABC game: husband edition

last week i posted the abc game and it was a lot of fun!  i like answering questions about myself, but who doesn't?  since its been a while since i have seen a "boys behind the blog" linkup, i thought i would use these questions on taran.  because he is fun to get to know! 

any responses of mine to his answers will be in pink.  his responses will not be in quotation marks. 

^^i love this picture of him. he was 25 in this picture when he was giving service in his words "the land of the navajos" and were building huts and houses and giving them clothes.  they were there for three days.^^

a - age: 31. i feel young!  i feel alive!  i still feel like i'm in my 20s.  i always looked at 31 year olds and thought they were so adult and mature but i don't really feel mature or adult.  i still feel like a young man.
b - biggest fear: being alone.  losing you.  not having a family. 
c - current time:  9:08 pm.
d - drink you last had.  orange juice. he literally drinks orange juice with everything.  things that should not be paired with orange juice, he drinks.  like orange juice with pasta or orange juice with steak.  the pairings are wrong! 
e - every day starts with... exercise on the stationary bike. i exercise for 20 - 25 minutes four times a week.
f - favorite song.  don't really have one. but a favorite song right now, i don't know why, its kind of a girly one, but i really like stitches by shawn mendes.  its really catch. 
g - ghosts, are they real?  yes.  i think ghosts are the devil's angels haunting us.
h - hometown. west jordan, utah.

i - in love with:  lauren christine packer!  that's it, that's all i love. 
j - jealous of:  people who think of devices that are really simple and get them to market and i'm like "why didn't i think of that?"
k - killed someone?  nooooo....
l - last time you cried? our wedding day. 
m - middle name: michael. after my dad.
n - number of siblings:  4. two girls, two boys.  i'm in the middle.
p - person you last called.  the university of utah billing department.
q - question you're always asked: how do i use solidworks?! why does this program break so much! what do i do?? solve the problems in my life! just today a guy called and said "ive been trying to figure out for 3 hours and im like yeah do this this this and it literally took me 5 seconds.  and the guy said sometimes i really hate you guys.  i am always nervous to call because afterwards i always feel stupid." taran is a bio medical engineer and works for a company that sells a 3d CAD software called "solid works."  it is a very, very complicated program and his job is to help people who bought the software and have questions about how to use it.  because it is really, really complicated.  this is how he gets his consulting side business sustainable, because people call in and say "i don't know how to make this but i have this idea!!" so then taran builds it for them.  i'm so proud of him.  

^^the above picture is when he was serving a mission for the LDS church.  he was 19 and spent two years in england preaching the gospel.  he looks like a baby here!^^

r - reason to smile.  lauren christine packer! my only reason to smile ever and all day long.  i swear, guys, i'm not telling him to say these sweet things.
s - song last sang.  heathens by twenty one pilots.  i sang it on the way to work this morning.  i think i actually like this song more than stitches actually.
t - time you woke up.  7 am.  i usually wake up earlier than that but we have been going to bed kind of late. 
u - underwear color.  white.
v - vacation destination.  newport beach, california. we are going there for family vacation tomorrow and we are really excited!   i really can't wait to go to NYC with you over thanksgiving, too.  its going to be so much fun. we hope that will happen.  cross your fingers and toes! 
w - worst habit.  biting my nails and i filling in my writing.  if i write a number 0 i have to fill it in.  its like i redact my own writing.  
x - xrays you've had.  pinkie when i broke it in three places when i was 15.  i got it playing flag football. 
y - your favorite food.  mangoes is my favorite fruit, my favorite dinner is steak and mashed potatoes.  and french fries. will you be pairing that steak with orange juice?
z - zodiac sign.  i want to say cancer because that is the only one i know.  i don't really believe or follow that stuff.  and i don't even know what those are.  he is a capricorn. 

wasn't that fun?  this game is fun! now you should play this game with your husband! 

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