Lot 48: TGIF

September 2, 2016


THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY.  next week i get to go to newport beach for half the week AND i have monday off for labor day.  so i practically get a whole week off!  it is going to rock so hard.
1. you probably saw on snapchat or instagram that i tried to go see fitz and the tantrums last night.  i forgot how much i hate concerts.  it was 3 hours into the concert and they still hadn't gone on.  they were playing at something called "the twilight concert" and no, it has nothing to do with the books, its just these great concerts in the park.  they used to be free, but cost a few bucks now.  i was really excited to go see fitz and the tantrums and had been looking forward to them for months.  but here's the thing about twilight concerts.  everybody stands.  everyone is drinking beer (which i hate the smell of) and i am very claustrophobic.  i thought fitz was about to came out but then this band ive never even heard of called trombone shorty came out and played and played and played and more people gathered and people got drunker and i just lost it.  i couldn't breathe.  literally.  there were too many people.  and i was too mad that fitz hadn't come out yet.  i was furious and was having so much trouble breathing, we left.  i'm so mad about it.  this is why i hate concerts!  you have to wait HOURS to see the band actually play!! ugh! AND even though i don't love concerts, coldplay was here in town wednesday night and i didn't know about it until the day of, so i couldn't go!   they were playing at the big arena downtown which is not nearly as bad as the twilight concert and i was so mad i couldn't go!   just lots of anger over here.  everyone was posting videos of the concert on social media and i'm like "why are you trying to torture me?!?!" 
2. today my best friend who moved up here for pharmacy school has her white coat ceremony!  so prepare yourself for some serious snaps and instagrams because i am so proud of her! and i just love that i can call her now and say "want to go do this or that" because she lives here!  we haven't been able to do that in 8 years!

3.  its finally september which means fall is right around the corner!! i really am not a fan of summer and fall is my absolute favorite!  i can't wait for scarves, booties, pumpkin smells and halloween!! it's my absolute favorite time of the year!!! and then its winter! my second favorite time of the year!! 
4.  i can't wait to experience disneyland with my nieces and nephews next week.  i love seeing things through their eyes and they are going to flip. out.  
5.  anybody else still play that horrible "fun fun fun fun friday friday friday" song in their head on fridays?  no? just me?  awesome. 

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