Lot 48: i'm running out of ways to title a friday roundup post...

September 16, 2016

i'm running out of ways to title a friday roundup post...

in a way, i can't believe its friday, and in a way i feel like this week dragged forever.  its hard to come back from vacation! its hard to go back to work!

bet lets catch up, shall we?

whenever i go to a theme park, i always get a lollipop like this one.  every time.  sometimes they are flavorless, and sometimes they are explosive!  the one i got from  disneyland did not disappoint.  i delayed eating it though because then it felt like the vacation was really over!  i just had the best time with my family at the beach, it went by way too quickly!

i am so in love with this picture of taran on our family vacation.  my little niece, capri, who is about 1 1/2 (look at her little hat! she is so squishy i'm so in love with her.  i want to nibble on her thighs.) just loved smashing sand castles.  her siblings and cousins kept getting mad at her because she kept smashing theirs.  taran saw how happy it made her, so he got buckets and filled them with wet sand and popped them upside down.  then she had her own castles to smash!  she would laugh and giggle and get this huge grin on her face.  she would reach out her chubby little arm and just smash the sand castle to pieces!  then she would look at taran like "what are you doing? why aren't you getting me more sand?" it was so adorable.  and even more adorable was how sweet taran was with her.  my sister even instagram posted about it.  i can't wait to see taran be a daddy someday.

i work downtown, right across the street from a very large outdoor mall.  some days my team and i walk across the street for an ice cream break or to get traffalatas at godiva.  i love these little field trips, they are so yummy and fun and are the perfect way to take a break during the work day.  i had never had a truffelata before, but i am so glad i got one the other day!  i got strawberry creme and had a taste of my coworker's pumpkin spice one and they were both so good!  but especially mine.  i also love this picture.  you can tell a lot about me by looking at this picture.  you learn i have a sweet tooth.  you know i like my bling bling (that's a new wedding ring i got on sale because i can never have too many rings).  you can tell i am self conscious about my freckles because this is obviously a snap and i used the pretty filter.  that one is my favorite (and the one with the butterfly halo, obviously) because it smooths out my skin and make me look like i'm wearing foundation.  and i hate wearing foundation.  you can tell wherever i work has high security because i have a work badge around my neck.  you can also see the faintest silver chain of a necklace that holds something very, very dear to my heart, which is why its on a long chain so it can be on top of my heart.  and why i wear it under my clothes because i don't want people asking me about it, this necklace holds incredible emotional weight. you can tell i spend a lot of time getting my eyelashes perfect each morning as i think they are one of my most beautiful features.  funny how if you really look at something, you can learn so much?

we alternate years doing holidays with my family and tarans family.  its our year to spend thanksgiving with taran's family and Christmas with mine.  taran's family isn't really doing anything for thanksgiving this year.  so i proposed another option: go to new york city for thanksgiving!  i can't wait!  we will be there 5 days and i am bursting with excitement!  i have been wanting to go for so many years; i haven't been since i was 11!  so please, comment with your recommendations and tips!  i really am soooo excited and love that little by little, taran and i chip away at our travel bucket list.  (i actually wrote a travel bucket list but i can't find it!) i am so looking forward to crossing this one off!

and fall is in the air and its getting colder here and its WONERFUL! my favorite season is right around the corner!  and it will be so much fun to begin the holiday season in NYC! happy friday!  havea good weekend!  that was a lot of !!!!!! 


  1. Smashing sand castles sounds like fun and she is so damn cute and yeah I like her hat.

  2. I've never heard of a Godiva Trufflelata before, that sounds AMAZING! Between that and the lollipop, now I totally want something sweet! :) Stopping by from the H54F link-up!


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