Lot 48: hot tub hopping at hotels

September 28, 2016

hot tub hopping at hotels

in high school, there wasn't much to do on weekends.  you know i'm from a small town.  the most popular activity to do on weekends was sneak into hotels and go hot tubbing.

some hotels were easier to get into than others.  some were difficult.  the trick was to not walk in in your swimsuit.  thats suspicious.  then get in the hotel, change clothes and pray that somebody was in the swimming area and you could just knock on the door and yell "hey!  i don't have my key! can you let me in?"  or, the best way, really, was to find a hotel that had an outdoor pool with a fence that we could hop.

the times I did this was very calm we just had someone let us in. but one time when my best friend went it was crazy.   pretty sure that what we were doing was illegal. isn't that trespassing? anywhoos, one time when my best friend we went hot tub hopping she and her friends and half of our high school class had jumped the fence to get in. im not sure how, but the manager found out that they were in the pool and not guests of the hotel. he came in and yelled at everyone to get out or he was going to call the cops.

as teenagers are really really smart and rational, they ran and all jumped into this truck that one of the kids were driving. the manager followed and was running behind the truck yelling "i got your license plate im going to call the cops!! i don't know if he actually did or not but it was all very exiting and i was super disappointed that i missed out on such a story!

this was a pretty pointless post. but you know how i like to share stories and then ask you to share one back. so what is your craziest high school experience??

i have another one to tell, and it's really awesome. prepare yourself. 


  1. I'm sitting her trying to think of something crazy I did in high school, but I just can't think of ANYTHING! I was so boring then. I mean I went to parties and stuff, but it was never all that exciting. Wish I had something fun to share.

  2. This is so funny!

    When I was in high school our big thing was TPing peoples' houses. Mostly our seminary teachers, YM/YW leaders and the bishopric. Boy do I have some stories!


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