Lot 48: best celebrity snapchats

September 7, 2016

best celebrity snapchats

thanks to helene for the awesome stock image! i added everything but the flower!
today we are off to newport beach for family vacation!! it's crazy, there are 9 adults and 6 babies its going to be crazy, just like every other family vacation!  we will miss the sister right above me as she can't make it from arizona with her husband in school.  my family rented a house but there is no room taran and i so we rented an airbnb AND there is no room for us in the two cars we have so we had to rent a car too! #rude.  we will spent the whole day traveling as we have a long layover in san fran but wow this is a lot of unnecessary information!  anyway! 

to get you through your humpday (btubs this is the best week! no work on monday! and barely any work today with traveling! i only really worked one day this week!) here are some really awesome snapchats of celebs to follow that are hilarious and wonderful.  

//eva longoria baston.  she kind of has a nasaly voice, but i still love her.  she seems so sweet and warm.  and she loooves the bee filter.  its her favorite.  she is such a warm person, i just want to come over to her house for dinner and then snuggle up on the couch next to her and watch her shows with her. and she is so nice.  

//kate hudson.  kate is as wonderful and adorable as you expect her to be.  she loves the fast forward filter and the flower crown and always posts just day to day things that she makes hilarious.  one of the most real and hilarious snapchats of any celebrity.  

//gina rodriguez.  this has got to be my favorite snapchat ever.  i get so excited when she has a new story.  she is sooo funny and as jane the virgin is one of my favorite shows, i love seeing the set of the show and her vlogs.

//chrissy teigen.  really, she mostly posts food.  pictures of food, eating food and her adorable baby.

//josh peck.  he does this hilarious thing where he pretends to be a girl and gives advice on boyfriends.  its quite hilarious.   

//demi lovato.  she mostly posts things of her dogs.  but occassionally you get those snaps where she is out walking in gorgeous scenery of her tour.  she is still fun to follow.

//jenna dewan tatum.  she posts a lot about her adorable daughter, who is the cutest.  

//maroon 5.  i am so freaking excited to see them in october.  but i really hope that they don't cancel the show because i know behanti is due sept 20.  they just rescheduled a bunch of tour stops because of the birth, but it doesn't make sense they didn't reschedule the oct 6 show here in salt lake city.  but i just love following backstage anything with them because they are my favorite and i love them.

//tori kelly.  i loooove her.   she has the voice of an angel and i wish i could sing like her.  what i love about her snapchat is how similar it is to an everyday girl's.  like she posts cute things she finds and just everyday stuff.  she is very relatable.  

//kardashian snapchats.  being the avid fan i am, i was obviously following all of them.  but all they post are there workouts and them making duck faces at the camera, so i had to stop.  after kanye's famous video came out, i lost any respect i had for the family and am kind of sick of them now.  but if you want to follow their workouts (which you really can only do if you have a crazy gym membership) then by all means! follow! i have no respect for kim, especially after the famous/taylor swift situation, but i did like her snapchat.  she posted cute things with north. khloe kourtney kim kylie (duck faces for daaaaayyyzz) kendall.

this post has a lot of really great celeb snapchats too if you are looking for more! 

who are your favorite celeb snapchats?  i think next up i will do my favorite celeb instagrams! but snapchat is way more fun. 


  1. Some of these sound really fun! I'll have to check them out!

    My current favorite is Leslie Jones. She says the f word a lot, but if you don't mind that, she's HILARIOUS! And so surprisingly normal!

  2. I love the Kardashion/Jenner snapchats!! I also love watching Shay Mitchell's :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  3. I don't follow any of these, except for a few Kardashians. I'll have to check them out. Have FUN on your vaca!


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