Lot 48: 3 fictional characters that describe me

September 26, 2016

3 fictional characters that describe me

you've probably seen this question floating around social media for the past few days, and i wanted to jump in and answer that question because it is such a fun question! 

katniss everdeen - i've always thought of myself as a fighter.  a protector.  i think we all have a little or a lot of katniss in us.  i would do what she did.  i would volunteer myself to save my sister.  i would fight back and start a revolution.  i would want to save everyone and create a better world.  actually, that isn't something i would want to do, that is something that i already want to do.  she is so strong and so tough.  i think we all love this character because we all want to as strong and as tough as her.  

lorelai gilmore - one thing that lorelai is before anything else is independent.  she is self sufficient, doesn't want help and hates to ask for help, and is a force of nature.  if lorelai wants something to happen, she makes it happen.  and i do too.  she's funny and always on and witty.  she doesn't like to talk about difficult things, she doesn't like to open up and keeps her heart close to her chest.  wait.  am i talking about lorelai or me?  oh, right.  same thing. 

laura diamond - i am so sad this show got canceled!  i've talked before about how much i love the mysteries of laura and can't believe it got canceled right as.......... i'm not going to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it.  i love laura.  she barrels through other people and ignores rules to make things happen.  i love in one of the episodes when they are doing a performance review of her and they say that under "reason for getting a warrant" or reason for doing this or that to a suspect, she cites her gut.  ha! but, barreling through other people and ignoring rules is something about me that i don't really think is a good thing.  ignoring rules and barreling through other people to get things done doesn't serve me well.  i think it rarely serves other people well in the long run. also, she is so stubborn just like me (heaven help me if any of my children are as stubborn as me. i will tear my hair out.) and is creative and smart in how she handles problems.  that is a quality that i would like more. 

okay now you have to tell me what 3 fictional characters describe you!  tell me tell me!  i anxiously await your comments. 


  1. I've been seeing this floating around and it's so fun! I want to do it too but I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. I love your choices and putting it on the blog is a great idea because then you can explain your answers. Love it!

  2. Yeah I liked Lorelai Gilmore as well a strong independent girl


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