Lot 48: worst TV characters of all time

August 18, 2016

worst TV characters of all time

there are some really, really delicious characters out there in tv.  those multi-dimensional characters that make you feel like you know them.  dwight from the office, leslie knope from parks and recreation, ron from parks and reecreation.  pretty much every character from parks and recreation. but then there are the characters that you really just don't like.  and you put your dislike for them aside because the show is so good.  here are a few examples.

beverly from the mindy project. 

nothing she says makes sense.  and her voice is irritating.  and she doesn't even know how to work a computer, how is this her job!  and she is just so weird.  "meet me in the sewers at dawn."  some weirdness is cute or endearing, hers is not.  i think they were trying to make an endearing weird character, but they already have that with morgan, so it just doesn't work.  

newman from seinfield.  

there is a reason that jerry always says newman's name with such distaste! newman is the worst!! why is kramer even friends with him?  that always confused me.  he is just plain evil and has no good qualities.  but every show needs an antagonist, right?  one of the things i loved about jerry was that he didn't stick to social rules.  if he wanted to be rude, he was. if only we could let the people we don't like know it! that would make life so much easier! 

michael from prison break

one of the most boring and one dimensional characters of all time.  when i started watching that show, i heard "season one is awesome, everything after that is kind of stupid.  but you just watch it anyway because you are curious."  nobody mentioned how the main character has no personality.  at all.  i get it, you're intense.  but can we see another side to you other than that?  if it wasn't for the killer story, i would have stopped watching prison break a few episodes into the show. 

elliot from young and hungry 

i do try to separate actor from character because if i was an actor, i wouldn't want people to put me on a list of "worst actors of all time."  but i can't help it with elliot.  its a terrible combo of rex lee being a terrible actor and his character being awful.  he is mean, overly dramatic, and has no good traits.  as i learn more about character in writing, it is becoming clearer and clearer how necessary it to build characters that you want to root for.  i don't feel that way at all with elliot.  if bad things happen to him, i wouldn't care.  get it together writer's room at young and hungry

lillian from the unbreakable kimmy schmidt

this is another example where i have trouble separating the character from the actor.  am i the only one who doesn't understand what she is saying half the time?  and not just because of the witty writing?  but her voice?  carol kane is a great actress, don't get me wrong, but i don't understand what she is saying with that baby voice of hers! i know she is somewhat of an icon so i feel like i am really missing something.  but her baby voice aside, lillian is strange.  i've heard of new yorkers hating chains of stores opening up and their neighborhoods getting better (?) because it loses its charm, but i'm not a new yorker so i don't get it.  i don't follow her causes or her passions.  and because i can't connect with her, i can't see her for the motherly figure that she is to be to titus and kimmy.  

i kind of hated how pretentious i sounded in this post, hopefully i didn't come across too much so! 


  1. New Yorkers don't like when their neighborhood gets better because eventually rent prices (or other cost of living pieces) will go up so high that they can't afford to live there and need to move. Or their building will get sold and torn down. I agree to a certain extent with Lillian. She serves an important purpose for some episodes, but in others is just a ridiculous B plot that only intends to be funny and sometimes isn't. Great list!

  2. Carol Kane is AWESOME in Broadway shows. I saw her in the LA run of Wicked and she was great. I can't decide how I feel about her in Kimmy Schmidt.

    Newman is the worst. I don't even love to hate him. I just hate him.


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