Lot 48: what olympic sport i would compete in

August 29, 2016

what olympic sport i would compete in

the olympics are over, and i am bummed that i didn't get to watch them. we don't have a tv plan. so i can't get access to nbc coverage of the olympics. i watched clips on youtube and that was it.  everyone at worok was watching it while they worked because they're fancy and when they opened the nbc sports app and were asked to login with their cable plan, they could.  we don't have one, so i couldn't watch or tiVo anything.  #firstworldproblems.  i really wish i could of watched more of it.

my favorite olympic sport and i think everyone's favorite olympic sport is gymnastics.  way back in the day, i took gymnastics for about three years i think, back in elementary school. i quit so i could take more dance.  my sister rachelle was a hard core gymnast.  she did gymnastics as much as i did dance. she was really, really good.  i remember one day when she and i were both at the gym.  it was my first day learning the beam.  i was absolutely terrified.  i didn't want to fall off!  all i had to do was a cartwheel on this beam that was on the floor.  and i was still so terrified i was in tears.  i looked over at my sister who was doing handsprings on an actual beam and thought 'my sister is so cool.'

on the day of my first meet, she was nice enough to clean my room for me.  it was saturday and we had chores but she said "you should rest for your meet.  i'll clean your room."  it was the sweetest.  she doesn't remember this.

gymnastics is completely terrifying.  flying through the air, doing so on a beam that is like, 2 feet wide, its insane.   and so, so scary.  how do they even do these things?  while watching some youtube clips, i was just flabbergasted at what they can do with their bodies. 

if i had to compete in the olympics, this is what i would look like. 

what olympic sport would you compete in?

*this post is credited to juliette who i texted and asked "what should i blog about?" and she came up with a bunch of topics because she's a genius.*

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  1. I also love the gymnastics it is the best sport hands down, I wish I could be like that but no not going to happen except in my dreams which is good enough I guess.

    My sister Sue would win gold if there was an event for sleeping the longest, the girl can sleep she spends so much time sleeping it isn't funny.


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