Lot 48: werk, werk, werk

August 19, 2016

werk, werk, werk

happy friday! i am so glad the weekend is finally here!! let's round out this week by catching up, yeah?

1. i am really annoyed with myself for not blogging more. i have all these posts in my drafts that i need to finish but when i get home from work i just want to relax and watch tv and read your lovely blogs! hopefully i will get better at balancing as i continue to adjust to my new job!!

2. we are going to newport beach in 19 days!! i can't wait! and since my niecephews are too young to read this blog, i can tell you that we are taking them to disneyland! i hope i don't get stoned for this, but im not the biggest fan of disneyland. there aren't enough roller coasters!! but i can't miss out on experiencing disneyland with my beloved niecephews.  they are just going to lose their minds.  and i can't wait to be there for it.  we found the cutest airbnb just a few blocks away from the house my family rented (there isn't any room for us to stay in the house! what we get for deciding to go last minute and having a big family) and i am also really looking forward to the beach.

3.  MY BEST FRIEND MOVED HERE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! this is some of the greatest news i have ever shared.  she and i haven't lived in the same city since high school, and i am so happy that she now lives here! she is wicked smart and moved up here to go to pharmacy school.  i don't think taran is as excited for her to live here as i am because he knows i will want to be hanging out with her a lot!  i don't think he needs to worry, she will be very busy with school i don't think she will have much time for me!

4.  my family surprised me and came to visit me at work! it was such a special treat and surprise! i loved showing off my nephews.  i took them to the 26th floor of my building and they looked down on the people and commented "the people look so tiny!" "everything looks like a toy!" it was so much fun for them and they loved it, it was adorable. my sister could see her husband's building from the window so the boys loved looking out and pointing "that's daddy's office!"  we then went to the basement and ate at my cafeteria.  i felt so cool, they were all very impressed with my cafeteria especially because we have a pianist who plays during lunch.  

5.  i don't really have anything for #5.  so four on friday?  have a great weekend friends!! 

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your job.

    That sounds like such a fun trip!! Disneyland with the kiddos is going to make you forget about the roller coaster situation. :-)


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