Lot 48: the ABC game

August 26, 2016

the ABC game

i am stealing this post from erin because it's brilliant.  i am very behind on blog reading so i know this idea might be old! 

a - age: 26! and i feel older than that and younger all at the same time.  
b - biggest fear: taran dying or my parents dying or anyone i love dying.
c - current time:  11:06 pm.
d - drink you last had.  besides water?  a shirley temple.  it is my go to drink! i love them!
e - every day starts with... taran waking me up.  i have the hardest time getting up in the mornings so taran helps out.  he sweetly kisses me on the forehead and has to come in three times before i finally get up.
f - favorite song.  i honestly don't have one.  i am loving renegades by x ambassadors.  i think that is my favorite right now.
g - ghosts, are they real?  i really don't know.  i believe in heaven and angels.  
h - hometown.  saint george, utah.  120 miles northeast of vegas.  my house is a mile from the arizona border.  it is extremely hot, is in the middle of the desert and is very small.  much too small for me.  i love to visit my parents and friends and it will always have a special place in my heart, but i will never live there again.

i - in love with:  taran michael packer.  so madly in love.  also loving that fall is right around the corner!! 
j - jealous of: people get this word confused with envy a lot.  jealousy is fear of someone or something you love being taken away from you; a threat.  envy is when you want something or someone that someone else has.  jealousy is a useful emotion because it tells us what to protect.  i don't see envy providing any positive benefit and try to spend a little time as possible on that emotion.  but jealousy?  i am incredibly protective of my friendships and relationships, so when i see someone i love getting equally close with someone else, that's when i get jealous.  this doesn't happen with taran because there is no one to compete with.  we are each other's best friends.  
k - killed someone?  at least once a week in my dreams.  i frequently dream i am spy and am killing someone for some earth saving reason.  the other night, i dreamed that my enemy pushed me off a 3 story balcony and code away with (the codes?  the bomb?  the disc??)
l - last time you cried? i'm a very private person, which is odd considering how much i put on the internet.  but i don't like this question, its too close. 
m - middle name: christine.  when i was 7 i decided i didn't like my name lauren (pronounced LAU-REN not LO-REN.  people call me loren all the time and it drives me insane) and wanted to be called by my middle name.  i told one teacher to call me christ for short.  face palm.  i was 7 and didn't realize how completely inappropriate that was.

n - number of siblings:  3.  all older.  and all beautiful and smarter and everything in between than me. (why am i using the picture above? why does my head look so tiny?)
o - one wish.  this is too personal too so i will just make one up.  am i taking this too seriously?  okay that's my wish.  that i didn't take life too seriously.
p - person you last called.  taran.  to ask him to please pick up diet dr pepper on the way home because we were out and that is a health crisis.
q - question you're always asked: when are you going to have kids? (insert slap here.) why do people think its okay to ask that?  it's none of their business! none! at all! it is so personal i want to respond with "how's your sex life, person i barely know?  how much money do you make?  oh, did i offend you?  i'm sorry, i thought we were asking inappropriate questions."  this is such a dangerous question because you never know the person you are asking could be barren or doesn't want kids or she does but her husband isn't ready or adoption is taking forever, whatever.  do me a favor and never ask that question to anyone unless you are comfortable enough with them to let them see you pee.
r - reason to smile.  babies.  my oldest niecephew just started first grade and i. can't. even.  how is he old enough for that?! whenever i am having a hard day i have my sisters text me pics of my babies niecephews.    
s - song last sang.  love on the brain by rihanna.  i really love that song.  i watched her perform it at the billboard music awards and she is mesmerizing.  i had no idea.  i had never seen her perform live before but i think it was a combo of that and that it was a ballad but WOW.  she rocked it and i have been playing it on repeat since.
t - time you woke up.  840!! i was late to work today and didn't have time to wash my hair! (i'm writing this on thursday.)
u - underwear color. white.  it's always white unless its that time of the month.
v - vacation destination.  NYC.  i haven't been since i was 11 and have been dying to go for so long.  hopefully we can go this year!! in the fall!! cross your fingers. 
w - worst habit.  eating gushers late at night.  i get snacky when i get sleepy! 
x - xrays you've had.  ultrasounds for my lovely ovarian cysts that hurt like the devil, xray of my left wrists the 3 times it was broken and of my left foot the time i sprained it.
y - your favorite food.  applebee's wonton tacos. hea-ven.  oh how i love them.  i crave them everyday. i want them every day.
z - zodiac sign.  gemini but i don't know what that means and i don't really care.  i'm not into that stuff.  wow can you tell i am in a mood today?

now..... you go! 


  1. I liked this, liked the questions and the answers got to know a little more about you so I am pinching it from you and of course I will include a link back to you and to Erin who you pinched it from.

  2. What a cute idea, I loved getting to know more about you and if you make it to NYC we should meet up for shirley temples!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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