Lot 48: never before seen wedding photos!

August 8, 2016

never before seen wedding photos!

ello hello! i hope everyone had a good weekend!  we ended not going home to st george after all.  life happens and things don't always work out as planned.  i was really disappointed, but we had a really fun weekend despite it.  i was determined to!  we finally saw ghostbusters and i really haven't had had that much fun a movie in such a long time. 

today is our half anniversary! 2 1/2 years today! i would say time has gone by fast, and it kind of has but at the same time still feels like 2 1/2 years.  i thought i knew taran when i married him, but i feel like recently we have hit this really sweet spot where i can predict what he is going to do, how to communicate with him best, and so on. i think of how much i was in love with him on our wedding day, and that is nothing compared to today!! 

a little while ago, i came across these new wedding photos i had forgotten about when i logged into my dropbox for the first time in years.  i got so excited, i felt like i had hit a goldmine!  my uncle is a photographer and took tons of photos on my wedding day, and i had completely forgotten about them! 

so in honor of our 2 1/2 year anniversary, here are some never before seen wedding photos!  these are really "behind the scenes" photos so prepare yourself to see a lot of awkward faces! 

when we exited the temple and greeted our guests as a brand new married couple!!

my mom!! i didn't really understand or know how much she did for my wedding until the wedding day.  there were so many things i didn't think of that she did, and i am beyond grateful for how much she did.  and that wasn't easy for her to help plan a wedding that was taking place 300 miles away from where she lived! 

mom and dad! i love them so much. 

my dress got so dirty that day!  with the snow, i got literal dirt all over it.  except when taran held it like this. 

in between group photos.


i have no chin.  but that's nothing new. 

what do you think? should i kiss him?"

i kissed that man!

while his groomsmen rooted for us.

this is my "somebody please fix my hair" face 

i love this one

my dad said the sweetest words that day. he was really happy to get taran as a son.

ring around the rosie! 

i love my mom's laugh here.

holding my niece and talking to my maid of honor and thanking her for all the craziness she put up with in the last 24 hours! 

my sister is a babe!

i can't believe how tiny my little nieces look in these pictures! 

my brother in law was kind enough to play for us "the wedding song." 

for my vows, i sang to make you feel my love while my dad accompanied me on guitar. 

my father in law speaking. 

my sweet mom speaking (and crying).

i might have mentioned this before, but i gave my dad a compliment calendar when i was 9.  each month had a new compliment about him.  he cherished it and kept it at his desk and work and even laminated it.  on my wedding day, my dad presented a plaque that read "how to be a good dad (according to 9 year old Lauren" and it had all the compliments i gave my dad in that calendar listed.  i love that my dad did that and know it is something taran loves and i'm sure will refer to when we have kids! 

with my best friend and bridesmaid, amy

with my best friend and former roommate, elizabeth. what is happening with my face.  what smile is that?

my cute nephews entertaining themselves with someone's phone!  weddings are rough for little ones!

avery "playing" piano.

i lOVE this picture.  this is my niece avery who is 4 now.  when i look at this picture, it looks like avery is dreaming of her own wedding day, walking down the stairs in her big dress and marrying her prince.

i am so grateful my uncle took these pictures and i got so excited when i found them! happy 2 1/2 year anniversary, baby!!


  1. Love looking at wedding photos! Your dress was amazing and you are gorgeous! Your makeup was phenomenal!


  2. Talk about beautiful, really beautiful, and the roses are gorgeous


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