Lot 48: i'm coming home, i'm coming home...

August 5, 2016

i'm coming home, i'm coming home...

hello hello! thanks for all your comments on this post about how the world is on fire but there is still good in the world!! i hope everyone is hanging in there with everything that is going on.
let's do this hey friday! five on friday, and high five for friday, shall we?
1. i am going home for the weekend! i haven't been home all summer, not since memorial day weekend.  my parents have been so busy and have been gone every single weekend that i haven't been able to go visit! but tomorrow is my dad's birthday and so it is the perfect time to go home! i can't wait to give him his present, he is totally going to cry.  i had a plaque made with "things you taught me" and then a list of life lessons he bestowed upon me.  he is such a great dad, i am so blessed. 
2. check out this awesome bus i saw near the place where i was getting the plaque made! when i saw this i immediately thought of almost famous because it is so a 70's rocker bus! while i was taking a picture there was a guy nearby who said that the owner let him on it once and it has a piano and all the instruments for a band in it! it's a mobile band! so cool! 

3. we had a team retreat at work the other day and we went to top golf!! i had never been before and it was so much fun! i was pretty bad on the first game but the second game i was much better! i tried to use my golf knowledge that my dad taught me.  i had my coworker record a video of me hitting the ball and sent it to my dad and thought he would be so proud.  i called him later and said "well? what do you think?  how was my stance?" and he said "you need help lauren.  it was not good.  i'll show you this weekend."  my dad takes golf very seriously.
4. oh my gosh sorry this picture is so big but i am trying to size everything so it is the same width of my text.  welcome to my nephew's face! my sister moved to palo alto area last week and i video chatted with my niecephews and my sister showed me a bit of the house!  my sweet nephew lincoln asked "aunt lauren, when are you coming to visit me?" i about died.  i love him so much.  i told him i would come for his birthday but then i realized that is the weekend that i have maroon 5 tickets!! I AM FINALLY GOING TO A MAROON 5 CONCERT!! i have been trying to go for years!! 

5. i give you.... my roadtrip playlist.  it's a 4.5 hour drive home and so we rock out while we drive!! it makes the drive go by quicker! i can't wait to get home and go swimming, flying in my dad's plane (he said all he wants to do for his birthday is fly) and jam out with him to rocker songs! i love singing with my dad as he plays the guitar.  we are such a good team, we really just flow together, you know? it should be an awesome weekend! 
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what are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Hello it is Sunday morning here, I am checking out a few blogs while waiting for my brother to pick me up and take me to our parents place it is a coldish day no rain at the moment but we are suppose to have rain so Tim want's to take the car to work which is why my baby bro is picking me up.


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