Lot 48: engagements photos (2 1/2 years late)

August 1, 2016

engagements photos (2 1/2 years late)

so it has come to my attention that i have never ever posted our engagement photos!! which is insane! we took these 2 1/2 years ago!! i also found a whole new batch of photos that my uncle took at the wedding, if you would like to see i'll do a post of that too.  but i can't believe i have never posted our engagement photos!! so here we go! 
this is the picture that we used to send out announcements.

the photographer found this really cool wall in the middle of the city that is painted like books.  i LOVED that we took our pictures in front of it. 

glam squad of sister and mom! they followed me around that day helping me look pretty! thanks guys!

one of my favorites

glam squad again!

thanks for indulging me! i love these photos so much! 


  1. They're all SO beautiful, every last one of them! Thanks for sharing friend!

  2. You two are so photogenic together! I love these!

  3. What a wonderful lot of photos, better late then never, I say


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