Lot 48: August 2016

August 29, 2016

what olympic sport i would compete in

the olympics are over, and i am bummed that i didn't get to watch them. we don't have a tv plan. so i can't get access to nbc coverage of the olympics. i watched clips on youtube and that was it.  everyone at worok was watching it while they worked because they're fancy and when they opened the nbc sports app and were asked to login with their cable plan, they could.  we don't have one, so i couldn't watch or tiVo anything.  #firstworldproblems.  i really wish i could of watched more of it.

my favorite olympic sport and i think everyone's favorite olympic sport is gymnastics.  way back in the day, i took gymnastics for about three years i think, back in elementary school. i quit so i could take more dance.  my sister rachelle was a hard core gymnast.  she did gymnastics as much as i did dance. she was really, really good.  i remember one day when she and i were both at the gym.  it was my first day learning the beam.  i was absolutely terrified.  i didn't want to fall off!  all i had to do was a cartwheel on this beam that was on the floor.  and i was still so terrified i was in tears.  i looked over at my sister who was doing handsprings on an actual beam and thought 'my sister is so cool.'

on the day of my first meet, she was nice enough to clean my room for me.  it was saturday and we had chores but she said "you should rest for your meet.  i'll clean your room."  it was the sweetest.  she doesn't remember this.

gymnastics is completely terrifying.  flying through the air, doing so on a beam that is like, 2 feet wide, its insane.   and so, so scary.  how do they even do these things?  while watching some youtube clips, i was just flabbergasted at what they can do with their bodies. 

if i had to compete in the olympics, this is what i would look like. 

what olympic sport would you compete in?

*this post is credited to juliette who i texted and asked "what should i blog about?" and she came up with a bunch of topics because she's a genius.*

August 26, 2016

the ABC game

i am stealing this post from erin because it's brilliant.  i am very behind on blog reading so i know this idea might be old! 

a - age: 26! and i feel older than that and younger all at the same time.  
b - biggest fear: taran dying or my parents dying or anyone i love dying.
c - current time:  11:06 pm.
d - drink you last had.  besides water?  a shirley temple.  it is my go to drink! i love them!
e - every day starts with... taran waking me up.  i have the hardest time getting up in the mornings so taran helps out.  he sweetly kisses me on the forehead and has to come in three times before i finally get up.
f - favorite song.  i honestly don't have one.  i am loving renegades by x ambassadors.  i think that is my favorite right now.
g - ghosts, are they real?  i really don't know.  i believe in heaven and angels.  
h - hometown.  saint george, utah.  120 miles northeast of vegas.  my house is a mile from the arizona border.  it is extremely hot, is in the middle of the desert and is very small.  much too small for me.  i love to visit my parents and friends and it will always have a special place in my heart, but i will never live there again.

i - in love with:  taran michael packer.  so madly in love.  also loving that fall is right around the corner!! 
j - jealous of: people get this word confused with envy a lot.  jealousy is fear of someone or something you love being taken away from you; a threat.  envy is when you want something or someone that someone else has.  jealousy is a useful emotion because it tells us what to protect.  i don't see envy providing any positive benefit and try to spend a little time as possible on that emotion.  but jealousy?  i am incredibly protective of my friendships and relationships, so when i see someone i love getting equally close with someone else, that's when i get jealous.  this doesn't happen with taran because there is no one to compete with.  we are each other's best friends.  
k - killed someone?  at least once a week in my dreams.  i frequently dream i am spy and am killing someone for some earth saving reason.  the other night, i dreamed that my enemy pushed me off a 3 story balcony and code away with (the codes?  the bomb?  the disc??)
l - last time you cried? i'm a very private person, which is odd considering how much i put on the internet.  but i don't like this question, its too close. 
m - middle name: christine.  when i was 7 i decided i didn't like my name lauren (pronounced LAU-REN not LO-REN.  people call me loren all the time and it drives me insane) and wanted to be called by my middle name.  i told one teacher to call me christ for short.  face palm.  i was 7 and didn't realize how completely inappropriate that was.

n - number of siblings:  3.  all older.  and all beautiful and smarter and everything in between than me. (why am i using the picture above? why does my head look so tiny?)
o - one wish.  this is too personal too so i will just make one up.  am i taking this too seriously?  okay that's my wish.  that i didn't take life too seriously.
p - person you last called.  taran.  to ask him to please pick up diet dr pepper on the way home because we were out and that is a health crisis.
q - question you're always asked: when are you going to have kids? (insert slap here.) why do people think its okay to ask that?  it's none of their business! none! at all! it is so personal i want to respond with "how's your sex life, person i barely know?  how much money do you make?  oh, did i offend you?  i'm sorry, i thought we were asking inappropriate questions."  this is such a dangerous question because you never know the person you are asking could be barren or doesn't want kids or she does but her husband isn't ready or adoption is taking forever, whatever.  do me a favor and never ask that question to anyone unless you are comfortable enough with them to let them see you pee.
r - reason to smile.  babies.  my oldest niecephew just started first grade and i. can't. even.  how is he old enough for that?! whenever i am having a hard day i have my sisters text me pics of my babies niecephews.    
s - song last sang.  love on the brain by rihanna.  i really love that song.  i watched her perform it at the billboard music awards and she is mesmerizing.  i had no idea.  i had never seen her perform live before but i think it was a combo of that and that it was a ballad but WOW.  she rocked it and i have been playing it on repeat since.
t - time you woke up.  840!! i was late to work today and didn't have time to wash my hair! (i'm writing this on thursday.)
u - underwear color. white.  it's always white unless its that time of the month.
v - vacation destination.  NYC.  i haven't been since i was 11 and have been dying to go for so long.  hopefully we can go this year!! in the fall!! cross your fingers. 
w - worst habit.  eating gushers late at night.  i get snacky when i get sleepy! 
x - xrays you've had.  ultrasounds for my lovely ovarian cysts that hurt like the devil, xray of my left wrists the 3 times it was broken and of my left foot the time i sprained it.
y - your favorite food.  applebee's wonton tacos. hea-ven.  oh how i love them.  i crave them everyday. i want them every day.
z - zodiac sign.  gemini but i don't know what that means and i don't really care.  i'm not into that stuff.  wow can you tell i am in a mood today?

now..... you go! 

August 19, 2016

werk, werk, werk

happy friday! i am so glad the weekend is finally here!! let's round out this week by catching up, yeah?

1. i am really annoyed with myself for not blogging more. i have all these posts in my drafts that i need to finish but when i get home from work i just want to relax and watch tv and read your lovely blogs! hopefully i will get better at balancing as i continue to adjust to my new job!!

2. we are going to newport beach in 19 days!! i can't wait! and since my niecephews are too young to read this blog, i can tell you that we are taking them to disneyland! i hope i don't get stoned for this, but im not the biggest fan of disneyland. there aren't enough roller coasters!! but i can't miss out on experiencing disneyland with my beloved niecephews.  they are just going to lose their minds.  and i can't wait to be there for it.  we found the cutest airbnb just a few blocks away from the house my family rented (there isn't any room for us to stay in the house! what we get for deciding to go last minute and having a big family) and i am also really looking forward to the beach.

3.  MY BEST FRIEND MOVED HERE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! this is some of the greatest news i have ever shared.  she and i haven't lived in the same city since high school, and i am so happy that she now lives here! she is wicked smart and moved up here to go to pharmacy school.  i don't think taran is as excited for her to live here as i am because he knows i will want to be hanging out with her a lot!  i don't think he needs to worry, she will be very busy with school i don't think she will have much time for me!

4.  my family surprised me and came to visit me at work! it was such a special treat and surprise! i loved showing off my nephews.  i took them to the 26th floor of my building and they looked down on the people and commented "the people look so tiny!" "everything looks like a toy!" it was so much fun for them and they loved it, it was adorable. my sister could see her husband's building from the window so the boys loved looking out and pointing "that's daddy's office!"  we then went to the basement and ate at my cafeteria.  i felt so cool, they were all very impressed with my cafeteria especially because we have a pianist who plays during lunch.  

5.  i don't really have anything for #5.  so four on friday?  have a great weekend friends!! 

August 18, 2016

worst TV characters of all time

there are some really, really delicious characters out there in tv.  those multi-dimensional characters that make you feel like you know them.  dwight from the office, leslie knope from parks and recreation, ron from parks and reecreation.  pretty much every character from parks and recreation. but then there are the characters that you really just don't like.  and you put your dislike for them aside because the show is so good.  here are a few examples.

beverly from the mindy project. 

nothing she says makes sense.  and her voice is irritating.  and she doesn't even know how to work a computer, how is this her job!  and she is just so weird.  "meet me in the sewers at dawn."  some weirdness is cute or endearing, hers is not.  i think they were trying to make an endearing weird character, but they already have that with morgan, so it just doesn't work.  

newman from seinfield.  

there is a reason that jerry always says newman's name with such distaste! newman is the worst!! why is kramer even friends with him?  that always confused me.  he is just plain evil and has no good qualities.  but every show needs an antagonist, right?  one of the things i loved about jerry was that he didn't stick to social rules.  if he wanted to be rude, he was. if only we could let the people we don't like know it! that would make life so much easier! 

michael from prison break

one of the most boring and one dimensional characters of all time.  when i started watching that show, i heard "season one is awesome, everything after that is kind of stupid.  but you just watch it anyway because you are curious."  nobody mentioned how the main character has no personality.  at all.  i get it, you're intense.  but can we see another side to you other than that?  if it wasn't for the killer story, i would have stopped watching prison break a few episodes into the show. 

elliot from young and hungry 

i do try to separate actor from character because if i was an actor, i wouldn't want people to put me on a list of "worst actors of all time."  but i can't help it with elliot.  its a terrible combo of rex lee being a terrible actor and his character being awful.  he is mean, overly dramatic, and has no good traits.  as i learn more about character in writing, it is becoming clearer and clearer how necessary it to build characters that you want to root for.  i don't feel that way at all with elliot.  if bad things happen to him, i wouldn't care.  get it together writer's room at young and hungry

lillian from the unbreakable kimmy schmidt

this is another example where i have trouble separating the character from the actor.  am i the only one who doesn't understand what she is saying half the time?  and not just because of the witty writing?  but her voice?  carol kane is a great actress, don't get me wrong, but i don't understand what she is saying with that baby voice of hers! i know she is somewhat of an icon so i feel like i am really missing something.  but her baby voice aside, lillian is strange.  i've heard of new yorkers hating chains of stores opening up and their neighborhoods getting better (?) because it loses its charm, but i'm not a new yorker so i don't get it.  i don't follow her causes or her passions.  and because i can't connect with her, i can't see her for the motherly figure that she is to be to titus and kimmy.  

i kind of hated how pretentious i sounded in this post, hopefully i didn't come across too much so! 

August 15, 2016

why we work

i have been thinking lately about what makes us so lucky that taran and i are so in love and are so happy together?  and why does it feel so easy?  the more i thought about it, the more i realized that we didn't accidentally fall into this happiness, this great of a marriage.  we work at it.  with a little destiny thrown in. 

we are constantly serving each other.  taran is a rockstar at this, way more so than me.  i am always blown away each day by things he does for me.   i have zero idea how i got so lucky.  he cooks for me, he does laundry for me, he does the dishes.  i try to help and the only time he lets me is when i force him to sit down, relax and let me do the dishes for once!! whenever i say that i feel bad for how much he does for me, he says "i feel bad for how much you do for me."  a few weeks ago he had to go to the eye doctor, regular doctor and the dentist.  i scheduled all the appointments for him, found providers in his insurance, and scheduled them each a week apart so he wasn't missing an hour or so of work multiple times a week.  then i made cards for him with directions on how to get there, the phone number, and the day and time of the appointment and what it was for.  when he's hungry, i make him a sandwich.  i make sure he is drinking enough.  i make sure he has everything he needs.  i've gotten a lot  better at budgeting because i was the biggest spender before! i am constantly trying  and thinking of new ways to serve him.  and i think that is one of the foundations of a good marriage.

we are both romantics.  we have been married for 2 1/2 years, and we are still definitely in the honeymoon phase and i want to never get out of it.  we both love to cuddle and tell each other sweet and romantic things about why we love the other and we both love rom coms.  don't tell taran i told you this, but he loves moulin rouge.  he cried when we watched it.  and then he just held me for a really long time saying "please never die!" and for weeks following he kept singing the songs from it to me.  he is a true sweetheart.

we make an effort to take an interest in each other's passions.  i feel really bad for him when he watches tv with me.  i have to know who wrote it, i rewind a lot if it is a delicious bit of writing or example of character or anything like that.  and i tell him lots of things about the directing and  the writing of whatever we are watching. "did you notice the light changes whenever the protagonist talks in this scene?" "do you notice how they are having a calm moment before a big shootout?  this bit of writing was introduced and originally done by shakespeare in several of his plays, including hamlet when there is a calm scene of character development before something terrible happens." the poor guy, it takes us twice as long to watch things than it does everyone else.  but he listens and rarely says "ugh! lauren! can't we just watch?!" and i try to do the same for him.  i don't find science fascinating or what he does interesting, but i try to listen when he talks about whatever product he is designing or what idea he has for a medical device.  i used to be really bad at this at the beginning of our relationship and would let him know when he was talking about things that were to me, very boring stuff. "oh my gosh taran i nearly fell asleep just during that sentence you just said because that is how boring it sounded."  :) i try not to do that anymore....

we enjoy the same things.  my dad once told me that a key to a happy and successful marriage is being recreational companions.  enjoying the same things, participating in things that the other person is interested in.  tv is such a big part of my life and isn't a past time for me, it's not a hobby, it's a job to me.  it makes me a better writer.  i love tv.  i love watching tv.  that might sound pathetic, but i don't think it is because of how i approach it.  i think analytically about every single thing i watch and dissect every bit of character and story.  i love that taran has such an interest in tv too and also loves going to movies with me.  we both love to read and are happy just lying in bed reading next to each other.  it doesn't take a lot for us to have fun together.

we both center our lives and marriage around Christ.  one of the things i love most about taran is how much he loves the gospel and Christ.  he knows so much about the gospel and the scriptures, it blows me away.  i can be reading the scriptures and ask him a question and he always has the answer.  i love that he read his scriptures for an hour every single day as a teenager.  and he never misses a day of reading the scriptures.  he wakes up and goes immediately to the couch for scripture study.  i love that about him.  he has such a strong testimony and we both put Christ first.  i believe that is the most important thing in a marriage, individually centering your life around Christ.  if you do that, everything else falls into place.

i feel like i have known him my whole life.  when we started dating, i was shocked at how easy it was to talk to him.  there were no awkward pauses ever.  we would just talk and talk and talk.  sometimes i mention a story of my past or something and he doesn't know what i'm talking about, it's almost feel like saying "oh yeah! i forget you weren't there for that! you've only been in my life for 3 years!" i frequently forget he doesn't know every story of my childhood because i feel like he was there for it all.

we are truly soulmates.  i know that some people don't believe in soulmates, but i do.  i always have. as i got to know taran, i truly felt like the other half of myself was appearing in front of my eyes.  i didn't know how i went so long with the other half of me just walking around, not being in my life.  where he is weak, i am strong.  where i am weak, he is strong.  we think the same way, we have the same sense of humor, everything.  i love that we have gotten to a point in our relationship where i can predict what he is thinking, what will make him laugh, what will upset him.  i know what each facial expression means, every step he is going to take.  and i can't wait to get to know him even better everyday for the rest of my life. he's my best friend and there is nothing i feel like i can't tell him.

why do you and your spouse work?

August 8, 2016

never before seen wedding photos!

ello hello! i hope everyone had a good weekend!  we ended not going home to st george after all.  life happens and things don't always work out as planned.  i was really disappointed, but we had a really fun weekend despite it.  i was determined to!  we finally saw ghostbusters and i really haven't had had that much fun a movie in such a long time. 

today is our half anniversary! 2 1/2 years today! i would say time has gone by fast, and it kind of has but at the same time still feels like 2 1/2 years.  i thought i knew taran when i married him, but i feel like recently we have hit this really sweet spot where i can predict what he is going to do, how to communicate with him best, and so on. i think of how much i was in love with him on our wedding day, and that is nothing compared to today!! 

a little while ago, i came across these new wedding photos i had forgotten about when i logged into my dropbox for the first time in years.  i got so excited, i felt like i had hit a goldmine!  my uncle is a photographer and took tons of photos on my wedding day, and i had completely forgotten about them! 

so in honor of our 2 1/2 year anniversary, here are some never before seen wedding photos!  these are really "behind the scenes" photos so prepare yourself to see a lot of awkward faces! 

when we exited the temple and greeted our guests as a brand new married couple!!

my mom!! i didn't really understand or know how much she did for my wedding until the wedding day.  there were so many things i didn't think of that she did, and i am beyond grateful for how much she did.  and that wasn't easy for her to help plan a wedding that was taking place 300 miles away from where she lived! 

mom and dad! i love them so much. 

my dress got so dirty that day!  with the snow, i got literal dirt all over it.  except when taran held it like this. 

in between group photos.


i have no chin.  but that's nothing new. 

what do you think? should i kiss him?"

i kissed that man!

while his groomsmen rooted for us.

this is my "somebody please fix my hair" face 

i love this one

my dad said the sweetest words that day. he was really happy to get taran as a son.

ring around the rosie! 

i love my mom's laugh here.

holding my niece and talking to my maid of honor and thanking her for all the craziness she put up with in the last 24 hours! 

my sister is a babe!

i can't believe how tiny my little nieces look in these pictures! 

my brother in law was kind enough to play for us "the wedding song." 

for my vows, i sang to make you feel my love while my dad accompanied me on guitar. 

my father in law speaking. 

my sweet mom speaking (and crying).

i might have mentioned this before, but i gave my dad a compliment calendar when i was 9.  each month had a new compliment about him.  he cherished it and kept it at his desk and work and even laminated it.  on my wedding day, my dad presented a plaque that read "how to be a good dad (according to 9 year old Lauren" and it had all the compliments i gave my dad in that calendar listed.  i love that my dad did that and know it is something taran loves and i'm sure will refer to when we have kids! 

with my best friend and bridesmaid, amy

with my best friend and former roommate, elizabeth. what is happening with my face.  what smile is that?

my cute nephews entertaining themselves with someone's phone!  weddings are rough for little ones!

avery "playing" piano.

i lOVE this picture.  this is my niece avery who is 4 now.  when i look at this picture, it looks like avery is dreaming of her own wedding day, walking down the stairs in her big dress and marrying her prince.

i am so grateful my uncle took these pictures and i got so excited when i found them! happy 2 1/2 year anniversary, baby!!