Lot 48: what i used to do with my summers

July 13, 2016

what i used to do with my summers

when i was a teenager, i was convinced i was going to be a performer for life.  i was a serious dancer for 12 years. i spent 30 hours a week in dance class, was in dance companies and took singing lessons extensively.  i was a performer and that was what i lived, breathed and did.  it was all i did.  

so each summer, i would do summer theater.  2006 - 2009

there is a very beautiful outdoor theater called tuacahn that brought in performers from all around the country, especially the NYC.  it is a really good theater and all the shows are killer.  

in 2006, i did their high school summer intensive in their indoor theater.  we learned the show in 6 short weeks and performed the show the rest of the summer until august?? i think? that summer the show was grease but i don't have any pictures of it.
the next summer i did it again, this time i had a lead character (one of the narrators.  only time i got to play a black woman. wish i got to play that character more!) and the show was little shop of horrors.  the thing about this program was that we had two casts.  so there was another set of narrators, another seymour, etc. the other shows when i wasn't a lead i was in the ensemble.  so we all had to memorize and learn two parts in six weeks! it was intense! 

can you even spot me in these pictures? i was so young, just 17.
the next summer i moved to "the big stage" the outdoor theater which was more "prestigious."  tuacahn was a repertoire theater, so we learned two shows in two months and performed six days a week, alternating nights.  that summer we did les miserables and the sound of music. my dad just LOVED to tell me repeatedly "don't forget which show you're doing tonight! you don't want to be a nun and show up as a prostitute!"  haha. that never happened.  the closest that ever happened was a costar was putting on her nun outfit when we said "what are you doing, it's wednesday, tonight is les miz." 

in a sound of music scene with puppets

backstage where we were acting like our characters which i don't remember what they were.  but we won a competition or something where the von trapps performed.  so we were acting super excited!! 
backstage.  i'm not bald, it's a wig cap.  you can see all my wigs to the right. 

being in les miserables was one of the best experiences of my life.  i think every performer needs to be in it at some point in their career. it is such a special musical, a special story.  i refused to see the movie when it came out a few years ago because nobody is better than my cast!! i loved every minute of performing that show.  i wrote about it a little here when i talked about how i had to have a goose onstage.  our jon val jean was absolutely incredible but a total diva.  but he was incredible and brought me to tears each time he sang "bring him home."

the cast :) 

and i just loved all the friends i made during the show.  it was an unforgettable experience that i still miss. 

after my freshman year of college, i transferred colleges and moved up north.  i moved up in may because i was cast in a show at an amusement park called lagoon.  we did four shows a day, as our show was only about a half hour and had was consisted of old school musical numbers.  

this was us singing 9-5.  it was an exhausting show that was physically straining and at the end of the day we all looked like we had climbed out of a swimming pool because it was so hot. and we were dancing a lot.  that was also a really excellent time as well.  i loved doing that show.  

so that's what i did with my summers until i was 19! what did you do with yours?

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  1. That is so much fun! I always had the desire, but never the talent.


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