Lot 48: what i learned from my day in a wheelchair

July 11, 2016

what i learned from my day in a wheelchair

as a lot of you know, i sprained my ankle last week.  it happened when i was walking into work and there was a piece of tile that was sticking out of the pavement.  i tripped on it and went allll the way down, rolling my ankle in the process.  it really hurt and i tried not to cry and went back upstairs to work until my coworkers forced me to leave and go get it x-rayed.  they were very kind.  because it hurt like a b***.

the next day, i really couldn't walk on it at all. so when i got to work, i got a wheelchair.  

i like to think of myself as a grateful person. i try really hard everyday to never take for granted my health, that i can walk, that i have so many blessings.  but once you get injured things change a bit.  you realize how really important being able to walk without pain is.  

i was really worried that while in the wheelchair, people would think i was paralyzed and that would be offensive to the handiCAPABLE community.  so i said "just sprained my ankle!!" a lot.  

people were really helpful all day.  pushing the elevator button that i couldn't reach, opening doors for me.  and directing yourself in a wheelchair is a lot harder than it looks!! and by the end of the day, my arms felt really strong and just a bit sore.  

i am now evermore grateful for my health, that i can walk, that i have my health, that i have so many blessings.  being in that situation can really humble you. i'm so fortunate to have my health.

and that's all she wrote. 


  1. It's crazy how we don't realize what others deal with on a daily basis. Such a true story and reason to be grateful!

  2. Yes getting around in a wheelchair looks easy but can be a lot harder then it looks and when you look at those wheelchair athletics they have really strong looking arms

  3. I'm so glad people were helpful to you!

    I remember a few years ago when I broke my arm. I was wrapped up in a huge splint and was OBVIOUSLY injured. I was walking through a store with my friend who was literally 9 months pregnant. People kept getting in our way, refusing to move for us, refusing to help either of us in any way. It was seriously crazy.


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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