Lot 48: the longest week

July 1, 2016

the longest week

hellooo!!!  i've missed blogging!  i'm trying to get adjusted to working again and trying to find a nice balance between all the things i did before i worked and now.  so i've been blogging a lot less than i would like.

this was last weekend and i am just now writing about it for the above reason, but my eli baby who made me an auntie turned 6 over the weekend!! i still can't believe it.  wasn't it like a week ago when i was taking him on dates and he was only 3? he wanted to have an arts and crafts party.  it was completely adorable.  my sister said she got on pinterest with him and let him pick his 3 favorite crafts.  and he handmade his invitations!! he is the cutest!  the crafts were, making planes out of popsicle sticks, making window jellyfish, and making fuzzy caterpillars!  all his friends had a lot of fun and i loved helping them with their little projects even though if  i am craft-ily challeneged.  the above picture is all his friends holding up their jellyfish!! so so cute! 

after the party we saw finding dory just as a family.  and i got to sit next to the birthday boy!  i stared at him a lot during the movie.  eli is a genius.  you can tell just by watching him that he is always thinking.  i love to watch his brain work and watch his facial expressions change as he experiences things.  and he is so handsome! he may be 6, but i want to kiss him over and over, just like when he was a baby.  

as we were leaving, he let me hold his hand in the parking lot! made my day!! granted, he was trying out his new skating shoes and was trying to skate and wanted a person to hold onto, but still.  we held hands.  we haven't done that since he was about 4. 

on tuesday, i sprained my ankle.  it was the worst.  i was walking into work and tripped on a tile that was sticking out of the ground as stupid tiles do, and tripped and went all the way down.  i rolled my ankle in the process and was completely humiliated as there was this nice gentleman who once he noticed i was on the ground and not walking like a normal human, came over to help me.  it really hurt so i was trying to cry and keep it together while pretending i could totally walk on it because falling and spraining your ankle is just stupid.  

i got up to my desk and told my coworkers what happened and they made me leave and go get it x-rayed and looked at.  i tried to work but i was yelping in pain a bit and they said "lauren, you're out of control. you're crazy.  why are you still here.  if it had been me, i wouldn't have even come inside, after i fell i would have said 'peace out' and left." they were so, so kind and brought the car around and put me in a wheelchair to get me outside.  

it really hurt and the next day i really couldn't walk on it at all and crutches are dumb so i got a wheelchair from work and used that all day.  that was also humiliating.  especially because yesterday when i was walking finally, a guy i had met the day before while in a wheelchair said "i thought you were in a wheelchair????" he thought i was paralyzed.  i felt like a total jerk.  "nope, just sprained my ankle!!" 

i wish i sprained my ankle later in the week because working through this injury has been rough.  i've been really tired and in pain and while using my full brain capacity at work is making me exhausted.  i am beyond glad it's friday.  i need to rest and recuperate and get this thing healed!! the past few days have been rough!! 

yesterday my department had an ice cream social on the 26th floor, the very top floor of our building.  the view was breathtaking.  oh how i love my skyscrapers.  and i LOVE that i finally get to work in one.  i am loving my new job.   it is just right.  and it fits.  and its good.  and its fun.  is anyone confused that i work for my church?  that would be confusing to me if i wasn't LDS.  but the mormon church is huge and it takes thousands of people to run it. i guess when i put it like that it isn't confusing. 

what should we do this weekend?  swimming, obviously.  the fourth of july is my mother in law's birthday and her favorite holiday, so my in-laws always have something big and awesome planned, but my mother-in-law is out of town this year.  i wanted to go home but there isn't room at my parent's house because my mom's cousin is coming to visit and also, it is hot as hades in st george. (110 degrees+!)  so. we don't have any big plans.  but swimming is a must. 

what will you do this weekend? we have monday off! yay! do you have it too?

i think in all the posts i have written this is one of the worst.  not that interesting and lots of rambling rambling rambling.  sorry, guys. i'll get the hang of things again.

God bless America and happy weekend!  


  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle, hope it heals quickly! SOOO happy to hear you are loving your job, couldn't be happier for you! Enjoy your weekend friend!

  2. Oh no! Sorry about your ankle. That's a total bummer. Hope you start feeling better soon! It's a tough injury to heal!


  3. I'm so sorry about your ankle! I hope you're feeling better and that you were able to enjoy the weekend!


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