Lot 48: saturday in the city

July 19, 2016

saturday in the city

this past saturday was so much fun!!  we decided to be tourists in our own city and explore downtown while on rented city bikes! it was by far one of my favorite days ever and i loved experiencing something new in our own backyard with my love.

first we hit up the farmer's market.  i've been going for years and always love it.  my favorite things are of course the bakery stands! i could drop so much money so easily at a farmer's market.  everything is so fresh and delicious and just looks so good.  i always want it all.
!!!!!! (watering mouth emoji)

i love almond croissants.   i practically lived off them when i was on my study abroad in london.  and this one was as big as my face. it was excellent.

these popsicles were the soooo fresh and delicious.  i had never had a gourmet popsicle before and it was everything i hoped it would be! ;)

i liked that this was a fort by pioneer women when they first settled utah.  we have a state holiday coming up on sunday, pioneer day, where we celebrate the settlers of our great state and the sacrifices my mormon ancestors made making the multi-thousand mile trek across country, some coming all the way from england.  i will do a post later in the week about this because it truly is an incredible story. 

taran wanted to pretend to be tourists. ha! i love him.  it was his idea for this day to happen, and he got so excited when an actual tourist asked for directions and he said "sorry, we're not from here, we're tourists."   

this is bruges waffles and frites.  it's an authentic belgian shop that makes the best best BEST waffles and fries.  best you can get anywhere. 

there was this super cute sign for the shops that were behind bruges.  there was a fish market, bakery, and others.  and the apartments you see above were really cool.  i want to live there.

we went to this crazy big bookstore and i found the creepiest rooms.  they were all dark and hidden way in the back! check it out! 
Creepy bookstore basement from Lauren Packer on Vimeo.

we did so much and i made the longest snapchat story ever.  take a look for more of what we did below!!
Saturday in the city from Lauren Packer on Vimeo.

thanks for catching up on the weekend with me!

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  1. What a great weekend! That looks like so much fun!


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