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July 5, 2016

mega mansions

out of all the posts i have written, this is the one i have worked the hardest on.  by far.  

a few weeks ago, i came across this travel channel show called mega masnions on netflix.  it seemed interesting so i watched a few episodes.  and i just have to share with you these crazy mansions and how enormous and awesome they are.  too good not to make blog conversation with.   all the pictures were screen shots from my ipad that i cropped and sized, hence all the work.  so i hope this isn't illegal because i took the pictures, right? 


the first mega mansion they showed was hearst castle in san simeon, CA.  it was owned by the media conglomerate millionaire who if you get a cosmopolitan or elle mgazine, it says "hearst publishing" on the list of writers and executives on it.  this guy was a big deal, and built himself a literal castle 250 miles south of san fransisco. it was built completed in 1947 and housed some of the most famous people of that time.   it has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, and sits on 127 acres.  in the time hearst lived there, he had his own zoo! 

this is the dining room.  he would house guests for days at a time, because it isn't like he had the room! and he and his celebrity friends would party for days and days.  it is said that when he got sick of the guests, he would have their meal sitting further and further down the table until they got to the gigantic fireplace.  it was an unwritten rule that if you were assigned to sit there, it was time to go. 

the man himself, william randolph hearst. 

this was his study and office.  he had his many meetings there and took up the entire floor! 

he liked to have crazy expensive things in his house.  things that were really old.  egyptian statues that were 2000 years old, solid silver pots that are worth $1 million, and very old and expensive ceilings.  this is the ceiling that came all the way to king henry the whatever's day and goes all the way back to the 14th century. 

the neptune pool deserves 3 pictures.  it houses 345,000 gallons of water and is big enough to float christopher columbus' santa maria ship.  hearst had the pool built three times because the first two tries weren't good enough.  can you imagine the pool parties?

hearst castle is open 360 days a year for tourists and gets 1million tourists a year.  it is definitely on my bucket list now. 

next is the O street mansion in washington dc. 

the O street mansion is 5 townhouses combined, so walking by you wouldn't know it was a mansion.  it is 30,000 sq feet. 

it has 100 rooms, all hidden by secret doors and it is easy to get lost.  it's a labyrinth!  it has housed everyone from washington d.c. elite to movie stars to a variety of powerful people.  the owners and guests are sworn to secrecy.  secret things have happened in the O street mansion that can't be talked about.  all the owner said in the show was that "there are secret societies, i can tell you that, they do exist, but that's all i can tell you." 

 each room is decorated differently.  completely differently.  there are chic rooms, presidential rooms, weird rooms, you name it! 

here is a secret door that goes into a room! the owner says that people get so excited about finding secret rooms that they pull things off the walls, thinking it's a door.  the owners had to put signs up everywhere to say "this is not a secret door!"  
here is the log cabin room! for $2000 a night, you can stay in this multi level log cabin feel room. it houses 4 people.

on the upper level of the log cabin room, there is a sauna, a rainforest shower (what is that?) and other cool amenities. cool.  

the next is a mansion owned by this german fellow, who is a stock trader and real estate mogul who is responsible for turning miami into the destination it is today.  and he is a total pig.  he makes his friends call him "tk" and has his tk emblem on everything.  and every shot of him is kissing multiple models 20 years younger than him.  his mansion resides on a private, exclusive island off of the miami coast called "star island."

it's a crazy mansion with cool rooms and toilets with bullet holes melted into the toilet seat.  his pool is surrounded by limestone, so no matter how hot it gets in miami, the ground stays cool! notice the alligator on the edge of the pool? 

another view of the pool.

 this is one of the cabanas.  it looks fabulous and i want to hang out there, and it looks fruity.  and yellow.  i love it. 

he has a custom made double king size bed for all his adventures.  and a tub that "takes no longer than 5 minutes to fill.  not long enough for the girl to get dressed or change her mind. ha! there are also mirrors all around the bathroom so you can see who is doing what to whom. ha!" he always said "ha!" and slapped his hand together.  and ew.  

this is a tech mansion off of the san fransisco coast in a city called "belvedere" where the median price for a home is 4 million.  the entire house is controlled by an ipad and you can open the gate and turn on ac in any room with a touch of button.  you can also do it from your phone if you are out of town and forget to turn off the stove!  it overlooks the san fran bay and has a gorgeous view.  

he has these sliding doors that open all the way so when you are in the pool, you an see all the way through the house to the ocean.  beautiful.

these houses are crazy and awesome!   i watched most of the episodes and it also includes a vanderbilt mansion and a mansion some guy bought that is a hotel and restaurant. 

so what do you think? which one would you want to visit the most? 


  1. This sounds like the greatest show EVER! Awesome homes. I'd love to watch it.


  2. I have to check this show out! They're all cool, but the Hearst mansion is the dreamiest to me. His own zoo?!? Get out..that is too awesome!

  3. Hearst Castle is so cool! I love it there!

  4. The Hearst Castle is incredible, I visited a few summers ago!

    xx Kelly
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