Lot 48: tv shows to watch this summer

June 13, 2016

tv shows to watch this summer

it's really supid, isn't it? that come summer all our favorite shows take a very very an UNNECESSARY break.  stupid television programming. i was at a loss for what to write about so the lovely juliette suggested i write about this topic and i said "YES! that is GENIUS!" because she is brilliant.  and she completely knows what is right up my alley.  
my choice of television shows are always overly dramatic, silly and slightly ridiculous.  but oh, it's so good.  all these shows can be found on netflix.  

i wrote about this when i wrote about our wb lot tour in LA. we got to go on the set!  i started watching the show after we went on the set, which we unfortunately don't have pictures of because you aren't allowed to take pictures on sound stages.  it's crazy to watch the show and think "that isn't a real street! that's on a sound stage! the "house" across the street is just a tarp they pull really tight and put a light behind it to make it look like a real street.  and the house has so much detail in it.  but anyway! why you should watch the show! it's about a same-sex couple stef and lena would have a biological child, some adoptive kids and some foster kids.  it's about the life and times and craziness of living with 5 kids and trying to make sure everyone is happy and feels safe even though these kids have been kicked around from house to house.  the story line is always really captivating and you will get immediately hooked. 

this is about a detective in seattle who becomes obsessed with solving a murder of a teenage girl. i like it because usually in cop shows it takes one episode to solve a murder, but here it takes two seasons.  i'm in the third season and it jumped ahead a year and i'm like 'wait where are all the characters i got to know so well? why is everything so different?' so i kind of stopped watching, but the first two seasons, wow.  this show is so well written it really sucks you in.  two seasons is only three weeks in the show, so it's crazy how much happens in that short of time. the murder is really complicated and you keep thinking they got the guy but they still haven't. it goes really deep. 

the paradise i have mentioned before when i talked about what time period i would want to live in.  but in that post i didn't really talk about the show.   this show is so cool.  it's about a girl who lives and works in a a department store.  she is really, really smart and is very ambitious which is very odd for that time period.  everyone else is threatened by her intelligence as she rises through the ranks of the store.  and romance is involved, of course.  i blew through this show so fast it was so good.  highly recommend. 

i started watching this show when i got tickets to be in the audience while we were in LA.  netflix suggested i watch it after i watched baby daddy but i ignored it's wisdom and didn't watch it until about a month ago.  it is so funny and cute!  it is about a wanna be chef who works as a personal chef for a millionare tech guy.  her life is messy and complicated and i love following along with her crazy ridICULOUS life! it's a pretty funny show. 
oh how i loved this show dearly and oh how sad i was when i was done with all the episodes.  it is about a model who, when she dies, hits a button in heaven, sending her back down to earth and into a random body of someone who was just about to die.  the body she landed into was jane, a high powered lawyer.  she ends up having to work next to her fiance every day and can't tell him who she really is, per the instructions of her guardian angel.  like i said, my taste is ridICULOUS.  but i loved all her fun cases and the characters and how much confidence she had despite her body.  she was one power house.  i loved that show oh so much.  so funny, so cute. 

this show is on hulu.  it's about the best friendship of a homicide detective and a medical examiner.  for someone who adores cop shows, this is quite delightful.  these two girls could not be more different in personality and even in the pilot episode the writers nailed rizzoli's character on the head making her endearing and lovable immediately.   she's quite hilarious while isles is quite awkward.  i love the dynamic and their cases are always interesting.  this show is very procedural, meaning it goes case to case, episode to episode, with the exception of rizzoli's stalker/killer. 

what shows would you recommend to watch this summer?

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE The Killing. It's so good! And, really, season 3 is fantastic if you just stick with it. Season 4 is pretty lame and frustrating, but still worth watching I guess.


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