Lot 48: how to be unemployed

June 10, 2016

how to be unemployed

i have been unemployed for over  two months now.  i got a new job but it doesn't start until june 20.  what kept me busy the past two months was all the interviewing and job applying i was doing.  that kept me really busy.  but now that part is over and i am just waiting for my job to start, i am struggling to not twiddle my thumbs.  

i am trying to keep busy by redecorating the apartment.  i really should say decorating because when we moved in we just combined all our stuff and it just looks like one big hodgepodge of nothing good.  our apartment doesn't look sleek or nice or aesthetically pleasing in any way.  so i've been trying to design and redo our apartment with my free time.  

but let's talk about the horrors of job hunting and being unemployed because it is no fun. 

you want confidence like this
but job interviews are more like this

and dealing with all that free time is like like this.
and you end up doing a lot of this

so you try to read to be intellectual
but you end up feeling a lot like this

and when you finally get a job you go like this because the wait and torture is finally over!

i start my new job a week from monday!! woohoo! and it is going to be GREAT i can feel it!! YES!

happy weekend everyone!
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  1. Hehe I can definitely relate to this feeling! You must be so excited for your new job!

  2. I had no idea your job situation had changed until a week or so ago. I feel like I'm so out of the loop in every aspect of my life.


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