Lot 48: clap your hands! it's friday!

June 17, 2016

clap your hands! it's friday!

this is my last weekend as a non working woman! my new job starts on monday and i couldn't be more excited!! i am very much over being unemployed and even more over finding things to do to keep me occupied each day.  i always feel better about myself when i am working, and i promise myself that even in times of stress or when i am feeling the blehhhh of the daily grind of working, that i will remember what it felt like to have no purpose and to feel so unproductive each day and to feel so small because i wasn't contributing financially to my family.  it's been a hard few months.

1. i am not only excited that i get to work but that it's the right job.  i know i haven't talked about quitting dispatch at all and that was by choice.  911 dispatching was very traumatic and i know a lot of you didn't even know i was job hunting until i told you i got a new job.  i really wanted to keep it private. 
 the thing i was most afraid of when i quit dispatching was being unemployed again. i had worked so hard for that 911 dispatcher job and had spent 4 months waiting and working hard to get it. law enforcement was my dream.  there were so many reasons why i quit, but my dream was dead.  i had to start over, from square one and find a new dream.  i had wanted to work in law enforcement for such a long time.  during my job hunting, i was offered a receptionist job at a law firm.  i felt inclined to turn it down because i knew there was something there better out there.  and there was! i can't wait to work for my church, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  it is truly a dream come true.  i feel so blessed and talented and fortunate.   i can't wait.  

2. i know i said i was giving my apartment a makeover but it is hard to do when the things i want to do involve money that we won't have until i start getting paid.  the only thing i have really done is paint this P and hang it in our kitchen and get a shoe rack and put it in our closet (which i am so happy about because i have been wanting to do that forever and the closest has so much more space now.) i want to reupholster the couch or just replace the couch, get new dressers, get patio furniture, and other things that might make the apartment look better.  i am really not good at this kind of thing and the only lessons i have learned i have learned from joanna's apartment tours.  they have been helpful but i really have no idea what i am doing! i started this whole thing because we live in kind of a sketchy area and i don't want anyone thinking our place is a dump.  i have never once thought that it is, but i don't want people thinking that.  but the more i thought about it, the less i realized i cared what people thought, but the more i felt like it was my obligation as an adult to fix up my apartment nice and to show my personality in it.  as i read more and more of joanna's apartment/house tours, i felt like it was something i was missing out on.  but i really don't know what i like or what "look" or "style" i am going for. so any help or tips would much be appreciated!

3. i finished all the episodes available of the fosters (insert cry face emoji.  no.  really.) so i started watching, of course, another free form series, switched at birth.  why do i like free form shows so much? why am i such a sucker for these dramas? it doesn't really matter why.  i don't care.  i'm just glad i have another show to watch late at night because i haven't been sleeping very well.  i'm nervous to start my new job and i'm up late into the night and i need something to distract me.  but don't worry mom, i only watch a few episodes a day mom.  (cough cough, uh, there's something in my throat.)

4. i went to the park and fed the ducks with my sweet nephews yesterday.  i love them so much.  it has been so much fun watching them grow up.  they are so smart and i love all their questions.  "can ducks be on land?" "where are the kid ducks?" isaac, that sweet babe above, who is a total mamas boy (or is my mom is around, grandma's boy) never lets me be around him.  but today he let me hold his hand as we walked along the pond!  it made my day!  i love the feeling of a tiny little hand in mine.  they are so small and precious and sweet, i just want to protect them from everything and keep them safe.

5. i've been at a loss lately thinking of things to write about.  what have you guys been writing about lately?  do you have any ideas for me?  who wants to do a blog everyday in x month challenge? are you participating in any of those?  i need those to give me ideas.

ps. i've joined my dear friend emelia in celebrating her second blogiversary.  A group of us have put together the chance to win a $50 Sephora Gift Card and Becca x Jacyln Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette to ONE LUCKY WINNER. Details are listed in the giveaway widget below. ends june 25!
 Kate // Emelia


  1. I'm proud of you for turning down something you knew you wouldn't like...that takes courage, especially during a job hunt. So excited for your new career! Also, Anne from Love The Here and Now has a bunch of great blogging prompts for Summer right now that she wrote about a few weeks ago (I think). Thanks so much for helping me celebrate my special blog date, you're a great friend!

  2. Hooray for the new job starting up!! That's fantastic! And love going to feed ducks. You forget how much fun it is until you go with kiddos :) What a joy! Hope you're having a great week, and thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Dashing quote. such saying really touches heart! Attention Quotes at its best is always impressive.

  4. Congratulations on your new job!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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