Lot 48: blog crushes

June 3, 2016

blog crushes

something i love about the blogging world is all the amazing people i get to meet. and read about.  blogs are journals, and we somehow decided to share our opinions and thoughts with the rest of the world; a bunch of strangers.  but i love it!! i love these ladies and i love their blogs.  they inspire me by their writing styles and by who they are as people. 

note: this is not a competition or a contest.  i don't want this to be perceived as such.  these are just some women who inspire me daily as i read their words.

**you can click on any picture and it will take you to their blog.**

emelia and i back in the day did a link up to promote self love called "you are beautiful" that i am thinking we should start again.  we had to good fortune to meet in real life when we happened to be in vegas at the same time.  she was everything i imagined.  she writes beautiful creative posts with every topic from DIY, to recipes to beauty to thoughts and also takes such care with her  sponsors.  she also sprinkles inspirations by showing beautiful instagrams and also has creates beautiful design prints and gives them for free! 

i just think caroline is such a good writer and she has the most creative posts.  each time i read her blog i think to myself "how did she come up with that?" she often recaps her weekend excursions and even if it consists pretty much entirely of watching gilmore girls in her bed all weekend, she writes it in a way that makes me ache to have her life, even if it is just watching tv and making grilled cheese with her roommates.  and i hate cheese.  that is how good a writer she is. 

i think all of us in the blog world know tay, right? we all wish we were as funny as her.  she inspires me so much how she has so many independent projects going on, puts herself out there and writes her own material.  she sells shirts, has a social media business and who knows what else that girl is up to.  each post i read is like having a glass of "wine" or a bowl of ice cream.  each post is like a treat that i feel like i should be having only sparingly because it is so good it must be bad for me, right?  she is funny, thoughtful, and smart.  but not the smart that makes me feel stupid. the kind of smart i get and can relate to.  because there is that fine line that we don't want to cross of you-just-left-what-i-can-comprehend.  the girl is relatable and FUN.  

speaking of fun bloggers there's juliette!! this girl i adore and i really really wish i could meet one day.   she describes her day to her life as FUNNY.  she is the kind of person who i just know i would spend an entire lunch with her hilariously laughing.  she takes things that i would never think as funny or things i would never think of a blog post and write about it.  her blog is so fresh because her content is so off the cuff and different. 
dara is of the southern thing.  her blog is so pretty, so sleek, so bloggy, so perfect.   and i love reading about her life.  if i could describe reading her content in two words it would be: organized and new orleans.  i love learning about louisana culture and her hometown of new orleans and when i say organized, she seems like she has her life together. it inspires me.  and! she has her own jewelry line, that is beautiful and has pieces that include big gemstones on necklaces. that is inspiring to me.  i wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to start my own jewelry line.  
sarah.  sarah sarah, sarah.  i think we are bordering on stalker-blogger relationship about now.  i do hope i don't freak her out.  one day i was at target and they had a sculpture of the target dog and i tweeted her a picture and said "it looks like veenie!" heaven only knows what she must think of me.  she is exactly who i want to be as a blogger.  she comes up with the most interesting, engaging, and humorous posts that everyone can relate to.  her blog is gorgeous.  she is a kick a** (guys i'm mormon! if i started swearing what message would that send?) designer.  she is kind enough to put together blog tutorials for the world to read, which really help me in my blogging life.  i almost never wish i could meet her in real life because i have her on a pedestal and i don't want to have to take her down if she isn't as great as i imagine.

and now for the big bloggers that have such big followings they could swallow all our blogs whole if they wanted to....

love taza.  taza's blog is different in that with other blogs, you read posts written by the author who lives a somewhat boring life and who try to come up with creative post ideas to keep their blog interesting even if their lives are not.  this is not the case with taza (real name naomi.) taza's life includes major globe trotting with her three GORGEOUS  children, modeling for my favorite clothing brands, working on projects with too many companies to count and then it's one day 'hello! we designed play mats with let's playground!' and 'fairmont hotels is asking us to stay at our many hotels! so let's explore the globe.' and 'oh i am partnering with toms and hosting a huge event on the santa monica pier.'  this is getting to sound really sarcastic and jealousy but its not meant to.  her life is aweomse and i am so glad she has a blog to share her awesome life with us all.  don't be reading this in a chandler voice (unbreakable kimmy schmidt reference) read this in a rachel voice.  there you go.  now it doesn't sound sarcastic, see?

i have been reading a cup of jo for years.  i think it was one of the first blogs i started reading.   what i love most about joanna's blog is that is like a magazine.  as she was a magazine writer for years, i  LOVE how she incorporates that style into her blog.  it's so much fun to read about all different kinds of topics that are all so creative. and her voice on the blog is so warm and sweet, i feel like i'm getting a cup of hot chocolate with a dear friend on a winter's night each time i read a post.

and now i want to introduce you to someone very special, llinos from the lilac linnet!  llinos has been a sponsor of lot 48 a few times, and she is just lovely.  she has a love of books and blogging and writing and likes in the UK! i asked a few questions to get to know her better.  

Tell us about your blog! What do you write about, what is the focus?
The Lilac Linnet is a snapshot of my life and loves; whether it's the books I am reading, the blankets I am crocheting, the trips I am taking or the music I am listening to.  I also discuss women's health issues and my own experiences as a cancer patient.  It's a mixed bag and i hope you'll visit! {she really does give the best book advice! she reviewed a book on time management and shared how to get FREE books! yay! 

What is your favorite television show?
This changes all of the time, but it's currently Reign.  It's about Mary Queen of Scots' life in France and the political and personal upheavals which she faces.  It is very historically inaccurate, but it's gripping and I can't get enough of it! {i LOVE reign! i had to stop watching because the whole love story between mary and francis was breakin' my heart too much. i am a sucker for that century of romance. it's too powerful.

What is your biggest goal you aspire to?
I don't have a long list of goals, but I would love to write lots of books and have them available to buy.  I would also love to design my own range of stationery and prints.

If you could swap lives with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
I would choose a film star like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, so I could try a day of glitz and glamour and fame!  I think I would tire after more than a day though. {that would be so fun wouldn't? but i'm with you, i wouldn't want it more than a day.  okay, more than a month.}

now linnet and i put together a giveaway for a $20 gift card to amazon!! contest ends on june 11 at midnight! best of luck! 

thanks for reading.  that was a really long post. phew.. 

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  1. You're so so sweet. Thanks for sharing some things about me and my little blog. This made my day. You're such a great friend and am so glad life worked out that week so we could meet in Vegas! have a great weekend beautiful!

  2. That is so nice of you to say! Thank you so much for featuring my blog and all of these other amazing blogs as well. There are a few I don't think I've seen before, so I can't wait to go check them out! Happy Friday!

  3. LAUREN!!! Oh my gosh this was so kind, honestly thank you. I'm blown away by your sweet words. And yes, I'd be a let down in person but h Veenie wouldn't :P I'm in some great company here but there are a couple I don't know! I'll check them out too!

  4. I love some of these ladies so much! The others are just because I don't know them.

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