Lot 48: 5 years/that time i saw anne hathaway

June 27, 2016

5 years/that time i saw anne hathaway

hey guys!! 
i hope everyone had a good weekend! just to give you a quick update, my new job is going really great and i am so happy to be there! i am so blessed.

now who wants to know about when i saw ms. hathaway?

we all know that i did my study abroad in london and it was the best time of my life.  it has now been 5 years since my study abroad and i cannot believe it. i miss that city so much.  traipsing around it without a care in the world with girls who made it all the more fun.

one day, we heard that anne hathaway was doing a photo shoot down the street from where we lived.  where we lived and gathered around someone's computer to watch funny youtube videos.  somebody walked into the flat and said they saw anne hathaway outside doing a photo shoot.  me and another girl lost it.  "WHAT?!?!? RIGHT NOW?!?!? THIS VERY SECOND?!?!?  AMANDA DO YOU HAVE THE KEYS?!?! WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW OR ELSE WE WILL MISS HER!!!!!" we just started screaming at each other about whether we had keys or not while jumping up and down.  and i don't even really like anne hathaway. we raced out of the flat and down the street as fast as we could run.   it wasn't long before we saw her. there was a crew around her and she was posing and jumping and there were some other randos (random people) like us that were watching.  we tried to take a picture, but some guy said "you can't take a picture of this. its copyrighted."  so my friend snuck one picture which i don't have.  she was completely focused and ignored all the random people staring at her. then the photo shoot ended and the crew packed up and walked across the street to a boutique hotel.  she gracefully touched the back of one of the.. (makeup artists i think?) like they were friends and she seemed to have a really warm personality. and that's the story of when i saw anne hathaway!

i had great times doing other things besides stalking celebrities...
going to brighton beach.  because it looked like just a normal beach i thought i was in california and then would walk by because talking in british accents and be like, "wait, where am i?" 

i enjoyed posing in front of statues....

and in front of flowers..

and celebrating my 21 birthday.....
and going to castles and walking in the creepy basements
and eating british scones for the first time (with jelly and creme!)

and pretending to be queens.......

and jumping out at my friends in the creepy castle alleys and laughing so hard i almost cried...

and watching the royal wedding on enormous screens in hyde park.

and stepping out of carriages...

and going to the sherlock museum..

and throwing coins in the fountain at trafalgar square.......

good times, good times.  how london how i miss you.

i will you again someday..


  1. We I am pleased the new job is going well and you don't want to go on a killing spree to get rid of the annoying people in your life, oh hang on you are a normal sane person it is only those not so sane people like me who have visions of killing sprees to get rid of those who annoy me...............lol

  2. I was in London two years ago and I want to go back so bad!

    That's a very fun story about Anne Hathaway. I have a sort of similar story about Bette Midler.

    I'm glad your job is going well and that you love it!


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