Lot 48: thoughts from my iphone part deux

May 19, 2016

thoughts from my iphone part deux

don't you just love it when i throw together all my ideas from my iphone into one big post like i did here? i have a lot of thoughts i think and write down as blog ideas on my iphone so here i go again, spreading all them out into one big post.

- this is from a verrry long time ago, but i read in the news about people in thailand using the three finger hunger games gesture to protest against the government.  the gov took the hunger games out of theaters and when then people protested outside the theater using the three finger gesture; the people were detained.  but it's still awesome and amazing how one movie can invoke such a stir and wave across society.  in real life.  that series isn't just a book or movie.  it has translated to real life.  this is why i love entertainment. 

- I'm really glad I decided to not be an actress.  i just could not handle all that publicity.  paparazzi jumping out everywhere, the press taking every minuscule detail of my life and make one huge story of nothing.  not that me deciding not to be an actress i of course turned down stardom.  cause that is for sure what would have happened.  ha!  i love ready the gossip magazines and i feel bad for these people that i am reading up on.  these magazines rate bikini bodies, and worst of all, their parenting.  it makes me sick when i see the cover of OK! listing hollywood's worst and best mothers.  like, how would they know?? 


-i'm going through a bit of a crisis where i am trying to figure out what i want to do with my life.  it is really difficult and not fun at all.  i don't know what i'm doing, and given past experiences, as I look for a job, I am being extremely picky to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. i feel compelled to ask 'who am i?' but i think i know.  i like meeting people, working hard, providing for my tiny family of me and my husband, coming up with creative ideas to solutions, and having a purpose and somewhere to go each day.  being unemployed is hard on the soul.  job hunting is hard for the soul.  i'm really exhausted, really tired, and i am trying really hard to not let my hope waver.  but job hunting is like dating, i need the company to be a good fit for me and they need me to a good fit for them.  it's hard to have hope that i will find a job where the company and i both match.  prayers will be appreciated.

- something i miss about college are intellectual conversations.  i loved in college when we just had discussions about things, it was fulfilling.  i love that i have that with taran, someone to get intellectual stimulation with. i love it when we read things together and talk about them after. marry someone who is on the same intellectual level as you.  it's so much fun and makes taran even sexier when he shows how smart he is.

- taran and i are having a hard time finishing our projects.  he has a bunch of invention designs that he hasn't finished and i have a bunch of scripts i haven't finished.  so we have made a pact that we are going to work on these projects x hours a week and finish these things!! when he is designing, i'm writing and the other way around.  check back in with me to hold me accountable!! 

have a happy thursday! 


  1. I could NEVER be a celebrity! I get anxiety from crowds in public and I can't imagine having paparazzi and people constantly after me...I don't know how they do it! I saw your snaps and you working on projects and that made me happy for you, go get 'em girl!

  2. I definitely would never want to be an actress. The work would be fun, but the pressure would be too much. And the attention. No thank you!


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